Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spoilers 11/19

Not much Today!!!

Maxie... Lulu and Maxie continue to share nice moments.

MobWar... Jason asks Johnny for a favor Johnny gives in.

Skate/Carjax... Kate and Jax are only casual for now. Carly will go off after catching Jax in bed with Kate. Carly being Carly will go out looking for sex and may just end up sleeping with her soon to be new body guard.

Haunted Star... Johnnys looking for new line of work and he and Luke discuss the re-opening of the Haunted star.

Luke&Tracy... Tracy files for divorce.

Dante... Because of casting difficulties and the deal that feel through don't expect to see Dante before the New Year.

Scrubs... Expect Monica and Edward to be among the guest for the December wedding.


Luke and Tracy get married the right way.

Liz has a mental breakdown.

Maxie and Matt kiss.

Liz and Matt go on a date.

Alexis steps down as DA and a new DA is ready to stand up.

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