Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spoilers 11/20 updated @ 4:30 est

*According to Rumors TPTB believe that JaSam caused the ratings boost, Watchout Liason fans things aren't looking good.

* Johnny drinks to much and Lulu needs to take him home.

*Spinelli wants to Man-UP.

*The FBI agent is very curious to why Jason cares about Jake's disappearence, I'm hearing that the FBI agent will be a snake.

** Emmy's are said to be less focused on Soaps and more focused on Talk Shows***

Liason... Jake isn't rumored to be home by Christmas. Jason is rumored to give Liz a Charm bracelet for Christmas as a symbol for his love for her and Jake. Liz breaks down in Jason's arms.

Scrubs... Scrubs get married before the New Year and afterChristmas. Robin and Patrick get married at a Cathedral in NYC. Any honeymoon they may have will be off screen.

MobWar... What a perfect time for a feud between Sason. I mean the Russians are terrorising PC and Sason can't even come together. Are the earlier rumors true that Jason and Sonny are just pulling a fast one on us??? Sonny is rumored to be trying to take control of his former territories while Jason is distracted by the disappearence of Baby Jake. Jason is arrested and Alexis refuses to let him go because of everything thats going on in PC. Diane urges her friend that things may get a lot worse if Jason isn't released. Sasha is rumored to be ground deep soon.

CarJax... Carly is rumored to go after Crimson. Carly may just find out about Dante and may keep it a secret, but not for long. Carly will have another one of her plans.

L&L2... Sounds like Lucky and Liz will have a talk and Liz will admit to Lucky that he was right about Liz staying away from Jason.

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