Friday, November 21, 2008

Spoilers 11/21 updated @5est


  • Alexis wants Jason in prison.
  • Scrubs set a new wedding date.
  • Jax and Nik fight over the ownership of Wyndamere.
  • Kate kisses Jax.
  • Carly walks in on Kate and Jax with gun in hand.
  • Olivia tells Carly that Sonny's new wife is going to be Claudia.
  • Liz saves Sam.
  • A deck of Cards decides Luke and Tracy's future.
  • Rumors say Jake will be taken again after he is returned.

Bare with me today guys.. I am exhausted... I was one of the crazy Twilight Fans at the movie theater at midnight last night to see the premier. Verdict: I thought it was good, but no where near as good as the book. I highly recommend reading the book series. Anyways Not too much today.

Liason... Liz punches Sasha whiles she's in the interrogation room. Liason is said to be stalled for about a month after Jake is taken. Liz is a wreck she blames herself and destroys the studio. Sam is trapped with Jake while the bomb is ticking, Jason is trying to get them but is shot at. Then the bomb goes off this will be the final scene Friday, Dec 5. Get ready for more angst.

Kate... Rumors are now saying that Kate may be a mob casualty.

Jolu... Get ready for this JoLu fans, rumors are circulating that Lulu will wind up pregnant. Rumors say she'll have news for JOhnny and end up fainting right infront of Maxie. Johnny will disown his family once Claudia becomes Mrs. C. Johnny will get drunk at the HS and Luke calls Lulu to come to his rescue.

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