Monday, November 24, 2008

Spoilers 11/24

Rumor... GH has contacted 2 former actresses/actors to enhance ratings they rumored people are Scott Clifton (Dillon) , Natalia Livingston (Ex- Emily), and Billy Warlock (Ex-A.J).

JaSam... Again insiders are stating that JaSam will not be romantic before Dec, after that who knows.

CarJax/Skate... Jax and Kate are rumored to be a couple. Sonny may be with Olivia and Carly will be back to her roots.

Clic... Claudia and Ric are still the plan.

Liz... Patrick comes to Elizabeth, she doesn't call him or ask him to come see her. He comes to check on her. They talk and then she ask him will he stay with Cam or a few until Lucky gets home cause she has something she needs to do at her studio. Lucky comes home, Patrick tells him where she is. Lucky goes to the studio to find where she is destroying the studio. He stops her and tells her they will find Jake he promises. He hugs her and she breaks down at same time Sam and Jake are in explosion.

Liason... After Jake is kidnapped, Liz's main focus is getting him back and protecting her kids. It is her wakeup call. She sees how wrong she was to think she could have a life with Jason. Jason tells Sam he was crazy to think he and Liz could share a life.

Spixie... Expect to see Maxie pursuing Spinelli.

Jolu... Johnny will spend Christmas with Lulu. Lulu moves in with Johnny because Claudia is at Sonny's.

Other Info:

Steve doesn't hate working with Kelly, but there is said to be tension between Ingo and Steve.

On December 24th, General Hospital will air a special episode called 'It's a Wonderful Life".Following Jakes return, Jason will wonder if everyone's lives will be different if he just never entered their lives. Jason get's hurt following an accident with his motorcycle and is passed out when a friendly codger, "Clarence", finds him and takes him to his cabin. What follows is Clarence and Jason visiting Sonny, Carly, Elizabeth, The Quartermaines to see how their lives would be different had Jason never been born. Jason comes to realize how much better their lives are with Jason in them then not and proceeds to vow to make his life more worthwhile.

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