Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spoilers 11/25

Liason... Rumors say Sasha says awful things to Liz about Jake and Jason. Sasha is rumored to know Jake's paternity. Liz blames herself. Jason watches as the cabin Jake is in bursts into flames. Jason will give Liz money to take care of the boys. Expect angst.

Spixie... Matt begins to see Maxie in a new light. Spinelli gets deeper into the mob.

LuSam... Rumor is after Jake is found Lucky and Sam will be looking for Sam's father.

JaSam... Sam brings up Jake and how she feels about what she did before Jason sternly cuts her off. Frons is reaching out to JaSam fans who got burned last year.

CarJax/Skate... Carly swears she'll get back at Kate for sleeping with Jax. Jax can't get over Carly. Sonny marrys Claudia and begins business.

Scrubs... Robin is diagnosed with Post Partum Depression.

Nikadine... Nik feels pressured to marry Nadine.

Lunacy... Traccy and Luke are trapped on an island during a storm.

Jolu... Johnny isn't lucky enough to get out of the Z organization.

Alexis... Sam sets the record straight. Alexis' children will factor into the mob in February.

Rumor: Michael Saucedo will play Dante.

Message from Tristan Rogers:

From TR's website:
"I have just finished shooting the wedding sequence for Patrick and Robin's
wedding, and if I do say so it was upbeat and intimate. More a gathering of a
close group to witness the ceremony. The emotion was high as were all the normal
attributes that you find at any soap wedding. Robert and Anna were very much the
proud parents, who throughout the ceremony reflected on their life and what
brought them to this moment.I liked it because it was a gradual build to the
moment with Robert realising he was giving away AND losing his daughter. The
realisation of all the time he had lost over the years, and moments that he
could never be part of, I think weigh heavily on him. But the one thing I was
aware of through out the four days we shot was the rise of "the Scorpio family
as a solid unit". In this, we see something that could really be built on for
the future. The family generated a great vibe, with Robin, Patrick, Mac, Anna,
Robert and baby Emma creating something very "soapish" yet reassuring in its own
way. I believe you will enjoy this celebration.Have a great Thanksgiving"

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