Monday, November 3, 2008

Spoilers 11/3

LuSam... Lucky and Laura have a long talk about Scotty/Luke and having more than one love in a lifetime. She tells Lucky that sometimes the first love isn't the best love. Its still special because its the first, but what comes later can be amazing too. And yes, Lucky tells Laura about Sam. She says that Sam sounds like Luke.

Kate... Olivia is there for her as she and Sonny break up. Jax fills Kate in on Carly being Sonny's alibi. He says he is done with Carly for good. Kate realizes the connection between Carly and Sonny will always exist. She can no longer deny it and later throws Sonny out of her house.

Kelly's... It is set on fire and destroyed. Sonny vows to rebuild it and make it better than ever. Lulu is shaken when Kelly's burns down. She believes the Z's are responsible and does not return Johnny's calls. He shows up at Kelly's and finds Lulu there distraught. She explains what Kelly's meant to her. Later she finds out the Russian thugs were responsible and she apologizes to Johnny. He asks her why she even wants to be with him and she tell him because she loves him. They kiss. Maxie witnessing thugs beating Mike with baseball bats and setting a fire at Kellys.

L&L... Laura and Tracy have it out. Laura gets a call from a Dr. in France and realizes Tracy hired him to get Laura out of the way. She confronts Tracy and Tracy tells Laura that Luke loves her now. They argue and Laura tells Tracy she is secure in Luke's love for her. This rattles Tracy. Laura decides to do Luke a favor and let him move on with her life. So she tells the family she is going to france for treament. Nik sets things up there for her. Luke takes her to the airport and then surprises Laura when he tells her he will be going with her. She tells him it's time they move on. The exchange loving words and kiss goodbye. We see Laura on the plane only she is not alone.

JaSam... Jason and Sam do not talk about her baby.Tomorrow they talk about Karpov/Jerry. Tuesday more of the same. End of Friday, Jason finds her and Jerry. Monday and Tuesday Jason,Sam and Jerry on freighter till Jasam jump off. Wedneday show up at PH and Spinmax are there.Thursday Liz shows up. Jason goes after Sam on Karpov's ship. They both jump aboard and head to Jason's PH after to get dried off. Liz shows up after Maxie announces to Liz and Piph that Jason and Sam are back together. Jason isn't happy that Maxie did that just to hurt Liz. Liz tells Jason shes ready to announce the truth about Jake if they are together or not. Jason says he'll try to make it work then something comes up and its not safe blah blah blah. Jason goes to the hospital to apologize and Liz gets quite snippy with him.

Dante... The writer's love the idea of Sonny's Son and Luke's daughter....

Olivia... Olivia is a hit, and expect to see her longer than expected.

Zacharra... Johnny gets into some mob trouble coming up, it involves Sonny's son Dante, as well.Look for Claudia to show some odd possessiveness over Sonny which leaves Ric even more furious and confused. Olivia and Claudia are set to square off a lot coming up.Sonny and Claudia have common goals in keeping Johnny and Dante safe. Common ground will be found and Ric is left out in the cold. Despite Claudia's genuine feelings for Ric, Ric acts out in jealousy and it causes bad repressions that will make it hard for Claudia and Ric to ever mend things. Enter Alexis. Ric turns to the past and family crisis strikes up, they are thrown together again. Old feelings of being with Alexis, and the family stir up things for Ric.

SoLiv... So a new rumor is out about the MOC. Seems Olivia follows Sonny and witnesses him shooting Karpov.. Great right well the rumor is that Dante will arrive to see his parents married.

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