Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spoilers 11/4 GO OUT AND VOTE!


L&L... Luke saves Scott and then Luke and Laura go over the cliff. Laura pulls Luke to safety and then smacks him for lying to her and tells him to choose her or Tracy.

Scrubs... Looks like they will be taking their baby to their new home around thanksgiving. Scrubs are going to have a little comedy coming their way when they take their little girl home. Patrick is the pro and it doesn't come as easy to Robin. Patrick will love it.

Spixie... Spinelli begins to see the "chemistry" between Matt and Maxie and doesn't like it but don't count Spinelli out. Maxie and Matt will start sharing more scenes but Spixie is still where Guza wants to go, however, some higer ups like Matt and Maxie.

Skate... Skate are not over but will be apart for some time. MB has been very vocal about wanting Skate.

Carson... Sonny and Carly will finally have some closure and understanding.

JoLu... Johnny and Lulu will have their fair share of problems but their love will help them pull through. Look for them to make a united front against their families. Lulu is moving out of the Q's. Johnny and Lulu will not be with out problems but they are going to move them into a more adult relationship. There will be romance coming in the near future.

Alexis... From NLG.com --

"Although we don't usually comment on random gossip & rumors, we would like to add that we’ve certainly seen plenty of internet chatter and gossip implying that Nancy wants to leave GH. That’s simply not the case. Although it can be discouraging when storylines and airtime don’t meet expectations, we can assure you that Nancy values her job at GH and the friendships she has with the cast and crew and she’s not planning on leaving anytime soon. All of us would like nothing more than to see Nancy on our screens regularly, in a major storyline. So, we encourage all of Nancy’s fans to do what they can to support that goal by calling, sending mail, or voting in polls."

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