Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spoilers 11/6 updated @ 3:30 est

JaSam Scenes: Monday, and Part of Tuesday Spinelli is trying to track down Sam. JaSam shares 2 scenes Tuesday when they Jump from the ship. Wednesday they go back to the PH. pin and Maxie are there with Jason and Sam and then Liz is there at very end of Wed. Thursday Sam has 2 scenes with Jason and Liz and then leaves to let them be alone.

Updates: Kate takes her anger out on Olivia. Olivia witnesses a tender moment between Sonny and Carly. Claudia convinces Johnny that she needs to marry Sonny. Jax starts a search party to find Jerry and refuses Carly's help. Patrick and Matt begin to brotherly bond. Tracy leaves Luke. Monica and Edward remember Emily. Sam is caught off guard by her feelings for Jason on the 17th. Jason visits Robin at the Hospital.

Robin will have a flashback to a time when Philomena was out of the country and Anna had to take care of her sick daughter, on her own, for the first time. There's going to be quite a few flashbacks leading up to Scrubs' Wedding. Its a really once in a lifetime opportunity on most soaps and especially on GH because there are so few long-term characters who have played the role since they were seven years old, and still have the same actor playing their mom, their dad, their uncle.

NS3... Seems to be a go. They are talking about 23 episodes instead of 13.

Liason/LuSam... Rumors say they will spend time together around the holidays but don't expect them to be a couple by the end of December. Rumors: Sam bows out after Jason accidentally shoots her in a shoot out that she unexpectedly shows up at. She's is fine though as she has Lucky's BP vest on. Jason urges Liz to leave because she and the boys are a target. Sam realizes it is too dangerous as she is now known to Sasha so she and Lucky decide to go as well. Jason leaves knowing that they will be taken care of by Lucky. However, Lucky gets called away for work. On the way, Liz calls Jason to inform him and he reacts with concern. Liz assures him they will be fine but the women are unaware that they have been followed and the phone lines are cut. Across town Jason suddenly finds himself with his hands tied....They know about these Russian men going all over town and leaving a path of destruction in retaliation for Karpov's death. Mike gets beat up and Jason knows these guys have been watching them, so he does it as a precautionary measure. Liz calls Jason just as they arrive at the cabin. She calls again when they realize they are in trouble but the phone lines are dead. Also Jason's hands are tied because they are handcuffed as he is arrested for arson by Harper.

Nikadine... Nadine offers herself to him as a MOC and he respectfully declines and says when they get married it will be for the right reasons. He finds another way to stay in the country.

Jolu... Lulu comes back to town. She is sad when Laura leaves, then Kelly is burnt down. Johnny is there for her, but there are still a lot of issues. He does apologize for doubting her.

Kelly's... Rumors Sam is wanting to talk to Liz and they meet up at Kelly's. While they are all there, it explodes. Sam and Liz work together to try to get them and the boys out safe. Lucky gets to Sam, but has no idea Liz and the boys are in there, too. Sam tells Lucky and Jason is right there. He freaks and tries to break down the walls. This is when it is quite obvious to everyone around how much Jason loves Liz. Mike gets beaten up the week of the 10th

JaSam... Nov 12 Jason and Sam face another Explosion.

Skate/Carjax/Carson... Sonny is arrested. Kate faces off with Sonny.

Slaudia... Rumors Say Sonny and Claudia marry on Thanksgiving at the Zacharra house.

Olivia... Olivia is at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Karpov... Karpov begins to mobilize for revenge.

False... Reports of Natalia Livingston on set are said to be untrue.

Comings&Goings... The script of "Chris" that will share a scene with Carly may just be Dante.

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