Monday, November 24, 2008


Looks like Carly will be going after Crimson and expect to see the Face of Deception redux. Maxie will be on Team Kate and Lulu will be on Team Carly.

Jax and Kate start the relationship just to get back at their partners but expect them to develop real feelings for each other.

Rumors are saying Jax will be heading out of the country for another vacation. Could it be permanent? Ingo had signed his extension till December. Could he be going for good?

Carly has a plan. Looks like she will learn that Dante is Sonny's son. And guess what? Carly has a plan. She'll call Dante claiming she's his mother's best friend.

Aunt Raylene is coming to town, sounds like she'll think the Prince isn't good enough for Nadine.

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