Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sami's Best&Worst of 08

Best Actor: This one is really hard for me but I'm going to go with Tyler Christopher for getting his brain surgery and even though it was last year Emily's death.

Best Actress: Laura Wright has this hands down. She was amazing after losing her baby and Michael being shot. Very tear jerking and believable.

Best Friendship: Maxie and Spinelli. Spinelli really gave her hope after her sister was killed. He was really there for her and now the Vixen is more of a hero.

Worst Friendship: Jason and Sonny. The dynamic is just about over these days.

Friendships to be Explored: Maxie and Lulu. Maxie was a really good friend to Lulu when she was in Shadybrook, and now that there moving in together I'd like to see these enemies become real good friends.

Most Compelling S/l: Lulu thinks she's gone Crazy, Laura wakes up. Just thinking about this scene makes me get goosebumps. Hands down this was beautifully done and acted Julie really gave it her all, and made Genies comeback worth an emmy nod.

Worst s/l... Diego as Emily's killer.

Character I wish would've stayed... Logan and Ian Develin Both had amazing potential.

Characters who I want gone... Kate

Storylines I wish to see... Spinelli's family and Sam's fatherStorylines I wish they'd scrap... Carly VS Kate

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bianca said...

Best Leading Actress
* Kelly Monaco (Sam)

Best Supporting Actress
* Kirsten Storms (Maxie)

Best Leading Actor
* Greg Vaughn (Lucky)

Best Supporting Actor
* Ric Hearst (Ric)

Best Couple of 08
* LuSam

Best Storyline of 08
* Scrubs Get Engaged

Worst Storyline of 08
* The Russians are coming!

Biggest Disappointment for a couple:
* Liason

Biggest Return:
* Tristan Rogers(Robert)

Biggest Disappointment for a Return:
* Kristina Wagner(Felicia)