Monday, December 1, 2008

Spoiler Overload 12/1

Alexis/Diane... Alexis advises Sam that she's repeating a dangerous pattern. Diane suggests a new partnership, could there be a Davis/Miller Law Firm coming?

Scrubs... Robert talks about the first time he saw Robin, and he wishes he was there to watch her grow up. Patrick has a rival in the workplace.

LuSam... Lucky wonders if Sam is ready for the next step. Rumors of a baby in the future.. Lucky stands Sam up twice the week of Dec15th to go running to Liz. The first time Sam sets up a romantic dinner, but Lucky leaves after getting a call from Liz that someone is outside the house. It ends up being nothing. Later in the week, Lucky finds out about Sam putting herself in harms way again. Lucky goes off on her and then leaves her because Liz is stuck at GH with her kids because her car will not start. Lucky starts seeing a side of Sam he doesn't like.

Jasam... Rumors of a JaSam reunion.

CarJax/Skate... Connie is exposed to the world. Jax doesn't want to use Kate for revenge. Carly will take Crimson from Kate at Kate's big bash she'll announce whos running the show now. . Jax can't leave Carly behind. Kate tells Sonny she slept with Jax. Claudia throws Kate out.

Clic... Trevor realizes Claudia and Ric's relationship may be useful.

Liason... Olivia tells Liz that men like Jason and Sonny don't change. Patrick comforts Liz and she leaves him with Cameron and trashes the studio. It's meant to show how Patrick would go crazy if Emma disappeared, and to show how Patrick has changed. This winter will be a bad time for Liason but they are rumored to come together by Spring. Liz is scared to by herself and starts having nightmares. Expect more L&L2.

Slaudia... Claudia and Sonny consummate their marriage.

Jolu... Johnny needs a job, and is desperate.

Spixie... They should be together by the new year.

MobWar... Jason tells Spinelli that this is an all out war and whoever is left standing will win. Jason warns him that no one is safe not even him.

Nikadine... Nadine calls Nik from Ohio and tells him Aunt Raylene is on her death bed. Nadine doesn't know what to do and wants Nik to come out to Ohio. Nik puts his plot with Carly on hold and goes out to Ohio. Nik has difficulties with her family they think he's just using Nadine to gain citizenship and they don't believe he has his own money. He tries to win them over. Aunt Raylene warns Nik that Nadine won't be able to survive another broken heart. She asks him what his intentions are and Nik says he'll respect her in every way and he just wants her apart of his life. Nik discovers Nadine will be wealthy one day.

Jerry... Rumors suggest that he could make a return for a couple episodes during the spring.

Monica... She could be around more this spring with more emphasis on the hospital.

Dante... Rumors suggest he'll come to PC Jan 30. Rumors say Brookelyn maybe recast because of the history of the Cerullos and Falconeris' exist.

Kelly's... Kelly's gets a make over and a couple new employees.

Natalia Livingston is returning to General Hospital in 2009 in the role of Abigail Bowen. This will be announced in the upcoming months. The role will be recurring.

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