Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spoilers 11/30

LuSam... Lucky walks out on Sam when she tries to call Jason because Spinelli is arrested. Later she embarrasses him in front of Mac and the FBI by bringing Diane to the PCPD.

Scrubs... Because Robin is distracted with her PPD she doesn't test the meds properly and when there given to patients many become sick and die. There is also an explosion at the hospital charity event which causes many casualties. She has to be committed because she endangers people after the hospital explodes during the charity event. Matt is said to help Patrick with the new baby.

Lunacy... Tracy is rumored to receive some bad drugs. Luke and Tracy have a party for two at the HS.

JaSam... I'm hearing that Jason and Sam will slowly move forward.

Spixie... After seeing Spinelli with Winifred, it helps her decipher her true feelings for Spinelli. Spinelli plans to kiss Maximista at midnight on NYE but his timing is off. Winifred will regret turning Spinelli in when Maxie gets her hands on her.

CarJax... The power goes out at the MC, and Carly finds Jax alone on the roof.

L&L2... Family will be everything to these two.

JaSpin... Agent Rayner has a plan, he plans on pressuring Jason to get information on Sonny by arresting Spinelli. Jason will have to choose to either protect Sonny or Save Spinelli. I'm hearing that he will in fact turn his back on his former best friend inorder to get Spinelli out of jail.

From SOD:

Sonny has a package delivered on Jason's territory. Jason sets up an explosions and warns Sonny that next time it's going to be worse. Jason is wary of Sonny because Claudia is pulling his strings more and more. Sonny warns Jason against starting a war. The personal dynamics are outweighing rational business sense here says Guza. The son is usurping the father. Sonny feels Jason is partially responsible for him losing his kids etc Claudia is going to push these buttons. Without Sonny, she's out on the curb and there's the Michael secret waiting to explode. Meanwhile, Spin is arrested by the FBI. Jason runs to his rescue. The Agent will drop all the accurate charges against Spin if Jason works with them to take down Sonny and Anthony. Guza says Jason is in a "Sophie's Choice" situation, hah. Maxie is pressuring him to save Spin. What Jason chooses to do concerning this and how it's pulled off is the story. Guza says we'll see Jason's limit reached in this story.

Quote from Insider:
2009 is going to be a new start for General Hospital. Family, romance and hospital are going to be brought back to the top. I was told romance is going to play a huge role in the coming year, especially with the younger set, Jolu and Spixie. TPTB want to be bring love back to daytime. Scrubs have been getting great feedback on their story. Higher ups gave seen what less mob and more romance and family drama can do. There still will be mob, but GH as a whole will be balanced.

The hospital crisis is GH's first attempt to bring the mob side and the hospital side together. Everyone in the canvas will be involved. You will still have your regular heros, Jason and Sam but the doctors and nurses will get to play hero as well.

Guza is currently loving Sonny/Claudia. He is doing everything he can to try and make them a sucess. He has wanted this since SBr came back.

Guza also loves his younger set. Jolu and Spixie. He has big plans for them. He wants Spixie to develop into a real love story. It's taken a while but that is where it is headed. As for Jolu, he loves this couple. He wants it to be them against the world. He wants to go all the way with Jolu.

As for Frons, he loves Scrubs. Good things were given to Scrubs because of Frons. The same can be said for KeMo/Sam. Thank Frons for JaSam. Frons wants Scrubs front and center, along with JaSam.

Hot Rumors: Rumors suggest the Becky Herbst (Liz) will be killed off this February. Supposedly there is a big custody battle in March, Lucky vs. JaSam.

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