Monday, December 15, 2008

Spoilers 12/15 updated @2:30 est

More to Come...

L&L2... Elizabeth, Lucky and the boys play in the snow in January. Elizabeth's first day back is at her house gathering the boys up and telling Cam to hurry up cause she can't be late for work. Later she is shown working and everything is normal, like the past few wks never happened. Lucky then swings by to see if her and the boys want to grab dinner after work.

JaSam... Jason and Sam will continue to be partners in crime. I'm hearing Jason saves Sam in January and he hugs her to keep her warm. From what I understand JaSam wont turn romantic until sometime between March and May.

LuSam... Sam is pretty conflicted for a while. She is dealing with Lucky being around the boys a lot. She is heavily involved with Jason for a while and the mob storyline. Lucky is not thrilled and spends more time with Jake and Cameron as a result. Sam is rumored to miss a dinner date with Lucky around the time shes trapped in the pit.

Spixie... Maxie is not at the Scorpio Christmas dinner because she is spreading holiday cheer with Spinelli. Spixie's relationship may just take a turn after the Holidays. Spinelli is going to give Monica a special gift for this holiday season. He'll give her a pair of glasses that allows her to see Alan. The Q's think Spinelli gave monica "special brownies".

Liz&Matt... Matt ask Elizabeth when he and Cameron are going to race cars again? Elizabeth looks at him all confused.

Olivia/Dante... Olivia gets a call from Dante wanting to come see her in PC, she says no.

CarJax/S&C... Carly spends Christmas Eve with Jax (under the mistletoe) and then with Sonny and Morgan (dinner). Morgan runs to hug Sonny when he sees him coming up.

Skate... Sonny buys Kate a Christmas present and she rejects it.

Clic... Ric and Claudia spend Christmas Eve together. Claudia and Ric have sex in next 2 wks.

Sam... Jason saves Sam in the pit. Sam is in the hospital at the end of this week, both Lucky and Jason come to visit her. We'll learn that Jake's kidnapping has been bothering Sam all along. When Jason finds Sam he forgives her for what did, and also Sam will apologize to Liz when she is released from the hospital.

Sasha... Sasha is dead this week.

Mikey's shooting... Rumors are swirling that Guza may end up having another Shooter their at the time of Michael's shooting. We'll learn that there was another hit made on Sonny that night and their bullet hit Michael. Potentially being Trevor or Anthony. This will clear Claudia's name in the shooting. Claudia will begin to be tortured by Jerry when a DVD pops up linking her to the shooting.

Nikadine... They are not shown on Christmas but have a romantic NYE. Rumors saying that Nik may say Emily's name while making love to Nadine. Also, he sees her in a crowd while watching T.V. Is this making way for NL's return?

Jason... What is this big deal we've been hearing that is offered to Jason? Well looks like if Jason gives the Feds, info to bring down Sonny, Jason will be given immunity from prosecution. Sonny makes is clear that he intends to take over the shipping lanes, which is ultimatly harder for Jason to decide. Will he turn down the offer, or turn his back on his friend.

S&C... Sonny calls Carly out on a few things first. Like her relationship with Jason and how it still exists and the real reason he feels she took Morgan away. She realizes he's right and it's a turning point. She tells Sonny he can be Morgan's father again. Sonny goes to see Michael and Carly shows up. Carly drops Morgan off and S&C talk and Carly leaves telling Sonny she'll come pick Morgan up later. Claudia comes in while Sonny and Morgan are having a cute moment and she is reminded of what she has done to this family. This is the point of the scene. There is no talk of shared custody again with S&C either, it is clear it is a one time thing for christmas.Carly will explain to him he will only see his father on this special day but he wont see him everyday because of the thing they talked, about his daddy being too dangerous to be around him.


  • Kate will be pregnant with Jax's baby and this will make the Kate and Carly feud even bigger. Don't look for a triangle though because there is no romance between Jax and Kate. Kate will be thrown into their story, this is her "big" story. It's supposedly a big story, but it's not even her story, which is why Megan Ward is prepared to leave. Sonny eventually gives up on Kate because she's gives him the message that she's no longer interested, regardless of her feelings for him. Olivia will only be a factor until Sonny and Claudia become official, as in no longer faking their relationship for their own selfish interests.
  • Olivia dies because once she is injured again, the fact that she didnt go to the hospital when she was stabbed will cause her to have an infection. Patrick will be reported to the hospital board and will loses his career, this will be the biggest challenge for Scrubs in early 2009.

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