Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spoilers 12/16 Updated @ 3:30est

Casting... Another FBI agent has been cast. Mid-twenties, dark hair and dark eyes. Mysterious past. Described as rookie who plays things straight and "by the book." He first appears on screen in mid-January. (Some are speculating that this is Dante)

Christmas... Carly/Sonny/Morgan have dinner at Carly's after Jax leavesRic and Claudia share past Christmas stories at GreystoneScorpio dinner at Mac's, Maxie is not there (she's with Spin)Johnny and Lulu FTB at the apartment.

SoLiv... Rumors speculating that Sonny and Olivia is where Sonny is headed and Meghan Ward may be out in upcoming months.

Slaudia... Claudia gets a message from Jerry. It's a DVD. The evidence is planted somewhere at Sonny's house so claudia scrambles to find it before Sonny does. Sonny is ready to take Claudia to bed but Claudia wants to make sure he really has feelings for her before they consummate their marriage.

Sam... Sam learns that Sasha put a hit out on Jason but before Sam can get away the russians grab her. The russians bring Sam to a deserted area to kill her. Sam gets away but ends up trapped in a pit. This is where Sam will dream about her family and friends. Lucky realizes Sam is really missing, he tells Jason. Sasha then sends Jason a message, Sasha wants 10 million in exchange for information about Sam.

Spixie... During yesterdays episode Lulu and Johnny hear strange noises coming from Maxie's room where they all assume she's with Spinelli. When Spinelli comes in they have no idea what she's doing. I'm guessing she's doing it to them to prove a point. Later on Maxie has a heart to heart with Spinelli where she tells him they will never be romantic again because she doesn't want to hurt him. Later on Maxie and Johnny have an interesting encounter.

  • Matt kisses Liz and she likes it.
  • CarJax can't get over eachother.

More to come...

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