Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spoilers 12/17

Slaudia... Claudia and Sonny hit the sheets, Claudia later runs to Kate to tell her about it. Olivia warns Kate that Claudia and Sonny are getting closer. Sonny spends some time with Morgan. Sonny and Robin have scenes before the wedding on the 26th. He doesn't attend the ceremony.

LuSam... I'm hearing Sam and Lucky make love at the Spenser house, Lucky wants her to move in but is she ready? Lucky and Sam kiss at the hospital on the 26th. Cameron and Jake spend the night with Lucky so mommy can enjoy a night out. On 12/26 Alexis takes Sam home from the Hospital.

Jolu... Johnny and Lulu lock Maxie out of the apartment, so they can be alone for the night. Lulu will be involved with Dante, look for a Spinelli and Lulu type relationship.

CarJax... Carly and Jax are together on Christmas at the hospital. On 12/29 Jax comforts Carly and Morgan on Michael's Birthday. On 12/30 a power shortage draws Carly and Jax together.

Spinelli... Spinelli will be bring joy all over PC. Spin makes some heartwarming moments for the Scorpio-Drake family, and for Diane and max, Spencer clan too. As well as leaving the special glasses for Monica that allows her to see Alan. This will happen 12/23.

Maxie... Maxie is worried that something disasterous will happen during Scrubs Wedding.

Nikadine... Nik and Nadine hit the sheets for the New Year.

Robert... Luke and Robert get in some trouble with Mac.

Liason... Dante will have an effect on Liason, it will show them what happens when a boy grows up not knowing who his father is.

Crimson... Rumor: Jax hires "Rebecca" as a Crimson model in his continuing war with Nikolas. believe this is true because of the NL post i posted yesterday it shows LW, NL, and TC at the Crimson set.

More to Come...

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