Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spoilers 12/18

LuSam... I'm hearing rumors that Lucky catches Sam leaving a message for Jason, and he wants to know what she's up to and why she is seeking out Jason. Lucky won't know how to fit in with Sam and her latest adrenaline rushes. In the mean time he'll spend more time with his family with Liz.
Slaudia... Rumors say when Claudia is decorating the Christmas tree she accidentally breaks an ornament that has meaning to Sonny. She glues it back together for him and it touches Sonny in a way.
Sason... Jason asks Sonny to walk away from the Z's and Jason says no. Remember things are suppose to get really heated between them in January.
Lunacy... Someone new is on there way to PC and it could effect Tracy and Luke's relationship.
The Spenser Family Christmas: Luke, Lucky and Lulu will all be together to put Laura's angel on the tree. Rumors say they'll even get a call from Laura.
Spixie... Watch out Spixie fans, a new quirky female computer genius is on their way to PC and she is suppose to be the female version of Spinelli. Maxie sees Green with her presence.
Scrubs... We'll see some nice brotherly scenes between Robert and Mac. Robert doesn't want to walk Robin down the aisle he feels his brother Mac is more deserving of the position. Mac convinces Robert that he should be the one. Epiphany, Kelly, Lainey, The Q's, Mac, Robert and Anna will all be there. Pat manages to get there on time but Maxie gets stressed when he's taking his time getting ready. No word if the PPD s/l is going to happen but it seems like it may happen this new year. With Robin juggling work,baby, married life and remember that crisis happening in the hospital.
Carson... Sonny will see Morgan for Christmas but no word if Sonny calls out Carly for still being friends with Jason. New rumors suggest that Sonny may get to see more of Morgan. Sonny and Carly run into eachother while visiting Michael and they'll agree on future visitations.
Skate... Kate learns about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting.
JaSam... They'll be teaming up together during the Hospital crisis but the mob is only said to play a small part.
SOW: Dreaming of a White Christmas
Wedding Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe says that the idea of Scrubs wedding is to continue the holiday feel in the clothing, flowers and decor.They wanted to give the audience some festive, fun eye candy. She worked with the set decorator, Jennifer Elliott, to have a festive feeling in the ceremony that carries over into the reception. That's why there's so much red and navy blue.For Kimberly's character, they wanted to give her that total fantasy wedding dress without overwhelming her petite frame.Patrick's a stylish young doctor, so they opted out of the traditional black tuxedo with bow tie.For Robert they chose a James Bond-inspired classic tuxedo with bow tie. And Anna, no ordinary mother of the bride would be out of place in a traditional, dowdy look.She says dressing an entire cast for a wedding is always challenge but all of the actors are professional and attractive, they make the fittings easy.Maxie is wearing a navy blue dress by Nicole Miller. They added extra layers of metallic tulle to the underskirt. Her shoes are black patent leather Mary Janes with tie closure by Besty Johnson.Lainey is wearing a spaghetti-strap dress by Mandalay. Her t-strap black leather shoes are by Charles David. Epiphany's blouse is by Citron and her cami is by Eileen Fisher. Her pants are by Alex Evenings. Kelly is wearing a purple satin off the shoulder dress with back-bow detail by Karen Miller. Her gold reptile strappy leather sandals are by Guess.Robert has a Hugo Boss tux and Anna has a gown by Vera Wang Lavender Label.Robin's dress is by Liancarlo Couture. The dress, veil and tiara are all from Renee Strauss Bridal. The necklace is a white gold with rhinestone Indian-inspired piece, and her earrings re crystal chandelier drop earrings from Nordstrom. Patrick's tux is from J. Lindeberg. The shirt and black ties are from Theory.
SOW: Robin and Patrick Marry At Last!
JT says that Patrick's feet are on the ground and he's very happy to be in the place he is. He's thinking 'I'm not nervous. I love Robin, and I'm excited about our future together.' He's not sugarcoating anything.A sweet Scorpio/Drake family dinner kicks off the week's festivities. JT says he's hopes the fans are happy with it. He notes Robin has been part of the show for a long time, as has the Scorpio family. To have Tristan and Finola there was special. Personally, he felt special being part of it.Noah, unfortunately isn't able to a part of it, because he's off with Doctors Without Borders. JT says Matt helps fill that void a little bit, which is nice. He says they're breaking ground as far as that relationship is concerned, not everything is perfect and he's sure there will be ups and downs but for Patrick, it's important because it's the only real family he's got. He's starting his own family, but it was good to have Matt there, minus his father figure.Patrick is also a father figure, but his infant will be missing for the ceremony. It was easier for them to not have her there. She's with a babysitter from the hospital.However, Patrick's determination to spend quality time with his daughter leads to a scare reminiscent of the previous ceremony. JT says that Maxie shows up at Patirck's place and he's holding Emma and Maxie freaks a little, what is he doing there, he's not supposed to be there, go get dressed. She's stressing out.He makes it to the church on time, once more. JT notes that Edward says something along the lines of 'at least you're on time this time.' Nobody really says much about the last time, thank goodness.The ceremony goes along without a hitch and there's a nice little reception," Thompson beams. "It's very sweet."
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