Monday, December 22, 2008

Spoilers 12/22

L&L2... Ok, you may not like this but here is the scoop. Lucky and Liz are coming! I repeat Lucky and Liz are coming. Rumors say that Sam and Jason will witness Liz and Lucky kiss. Check out the 2009 promo. LuSam may still have scenes in the future and Liz will still be tested with Matt.
JaSam... Spin, and Jason save Sam from the Hole. Jason has a present for Sam. Jax asks Sam about Jerry's final moments.
Sam... Sam wakes up to Lucky in the hospital. She does not promise to go straight. She tells Lucky about her dream and him threatening to leave if she doesnt change and that being her biggest fear. Lucky says he loves her exactly as she is and doesnt need her to change. They kiss and Lucky asks Sam to move in. Alexis comes in and they explain about the fake break up. Alexis is upset with Lucky for allowing Sam to go undercover without police protection. Sam defends Lucky and asks that Alexis be the one to take her home. Sam tells Alexis about her role in her dream. Alexis asks Sam to spend the new year with her, Molly and Kristina.
Olivia... Olivia should be sticking around and I'm hearing that Lisa Lo Cicero may be offered a contract. Olivia is said to share a kiss with Jason and may even go on a Date and Liz sees them. Jason and Olivia do date and have a few laughes.We will see Jason actually be a bit of a pursuer in this.He shows Olivia that he is not just made out of Stone.Olivia enjoys Jason's style.Jason kisses Olivia because he wants to.Jason enjoys a woman like Olivia who says what she thinks.He enjoys her pool playing and beer drinking ways. Olivia is hesitent about Jason but finds herself attracted to him.Olivia hears Sonny planning on taking out Jason.She tells Jason what she overheard. Jason is going to have scenes with Olivia that are not just about the Mob.Olivia is not going to like the bodyguards.Look for Sonny's old Penthouse to be dusted off and reused.Olivia is almost killed.
Monica... When she receives the glasses Spinelli has given to her she will see Alan, I'm also hearing he will drop an anvil on her.
Kate... Kate may not be heading out of PC but Connie will be rolling in. Expect her to go back to her root and be involved in a blackmail s/l that will not allow her to tell Sonny about Dante. After a talk with Olivia, Kate realizes that maybe she gave up on Sonny too soon.
CarJax... More push and pull for the two. Kate will make it look like her and Jax are still fooling around and Jax will put a stop to her plan. By NYE Carly and Jax won't be able to stay away from each other. Jax comforts Carly on Michael's bday and makes time for them before going to see Lady Jane. Jax and Carly attempt to have sex on NYE. Jax admits he loves Carly and dreams of being with her. Carly tells Jax that she cant wait forever for him to decide what he wants. Kate tries to make it seem that she is screwing Jax again. Jax puts a stop to that very quickly and denies it.
Winifred... She may end up being a love interest for Spinelli. Maxie is just no interested in him that way but will be jealous when Spinelli isn't focusing on her. Rumor says that Spinelli is more attracted to Winifred than Maxie.
Spixie... Maxie opens her eyes when she sees Spinelli has a new girl in his life.
Scrubs... They enjoy family life but are shocked during the hospital crisis. Matt and Patrick will be stronger than ever after the crisis.
Jerry... Rumors say he'll be going after Sam and Jason next, and he could be the leader of the russians. Jerry contacts Alexis. Jerry brings someone to PC with him (maybe Rebecca) Jerry convinced the russians to let him take charge of the territory and they agree. Theres a rumor that says "Can Jason Kill His Own Sister, Jerry has bet the motherload that he cannot" Jerry comes back for revenge the same way he enters. So in my perspective I'm thinking the Hospital Crisis will be like the MC Crisis with Jerry vowing his revenge. Rebecca will be a bad guy and Jerry's counting on it that Jason can't kill her.
Speculation: Did Jerry take Rebecca to get a new face to match Emily's?
Carolyn Hennesy... May finally be offered a contract.
Nikolas... Nik will give a job to Johnny. Nik is shocked after what he sees. Nikolas thinks he's seeing Emily again.
Rebecca... Rebecca will show her first scenes with Nik, Maxie and Ric. Rumor says Rebecca has a secret and she is related to someone in PC but not who may think. So I'm guessing she is not related to the Q's or Emily.
  • Rebecca's last name is Corinthos. It will be revealed that she is Sonny's long-lost first love from the time after he lost his first real love Kate after he lost his first real love Olivia. Rebecca was believed to be dead after she ran away when Sonny opened the strip joint and she returned to reclaim her love and brings with her the daughter Sonny never knew he had Dagmar along with Dagmar's true love Dante, a boy from the Bronx.
  • Rebecca is a new doctor at GH but you wont know it right away because she doesnt behave like one, i mean she is dressed and act like a mysterious tough chick and she meets people, until the next day you'll see her at GH when she arrives to work. Monica, Patrick, Robin, Elizabeth will all be in shock. The story is: why is this new doctor looks so much like Emily Quatermaine?
  • Rebecca is braught to town by someone but is not told the whole reason.Rebecca is not as uninterested in Emily and who Emily was as she makes it seem.Rebecca is not Emily.Rebecca is not Emily's twin.Rebecca however does think that the Prince is quite handsome and charming.
More to come!
Whew, the storm is over. It started Friday and pretty much went all the way to Sunday night. I went to the Patriots game, and it was snowing and amazing. The weather was pretty bad so I spent the night in a hotel. Be Safe this Winter!

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