Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spoilers 12/23 updated at 2:30 est

Scrubs... Scrubs big wedding is this Friday. Luke will be in attendance to watch his friend walk his daughter down the aisle. Robin and Pat will return to GH after their Honey moon. Rumors hint that one of Pat's patients die because of the uneffective drugs, also Robin will begin seeing things, I'm hearing dead people. Robin continues to be stressed about being a mom. Robin will begin to have mood swings and unable to be intimate with Patrick. Patrick is worried about Robin, Robin refuses to believe that is the problem. Robin thinks buying a bigger house will change things. Scrubs make an offer on a new house and plan to move asap. Patrick will be privately worried about Robin. Liz offers Robin help getting her new house settled into. Robin suddenly leaves when Emma begins to cry and asks a worried Liz to watch Emma. Robin goes to Jason and asks what it was like for Carly when she suffered from PPD. Pat makes a shocking discovery. Pat recalls events before the disaster struck. Carly tells Patrick that she thinks Robin needs help.
Sonny... Patrick tells Sonny that there is little hope that Michael's condition will change.
Rebecca... Rebecca is the new doctor coming we've been hearing about. She will be a medical chemist. Liz is one of the first to see Rebecca and is shocked at the sight of her dead best friend.
LuSam... They will want to make their relationship work. Sam will turn down Jason's request to help him with the Russians for Lucky feelings. In the end LuSam should break up. There are still rumors of a L&L2 redux. We will see tender moments between their family.
JaSam... Jason will check in on Sam at the hospital. Alexis will be the one to take Sam home.
Anna/Robert... Speculation that they will be returning again.
More to come...

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