Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spoilers 12/24

First off I want to say Happy Holidays to All. As you can see there will be loads of changes coming for Sami's Spoilers this Christmas. Yesterdays GH was one of the best episodes I've seen in a while and I love the Jingle Jackal. Well I hope the Jingle Jackal brings all of you what you wished for this holiday season.

Scrubs... Rumor has it that Robin won't admit that she has PPD, she won't take any meds or seek any help. Patrick threatens to have her committed. On January 23rd Carly plants a bug inPatrick's ear about Robin needing permanent and more controlled care. Robin is out of it and administers bad drugs during the hospital crisis that endanger a lot of lives. Matt, Patrick and Rebecca cover for her. At the end Patrick is supposed to make the decision to have Robin committed.

Nikadine... Nadine is insecure about Rebecca. Nik tells Nadine he is lucky she is in his life.

Spixie... Maxie resorts to old tactics when it comes to Spinelli's new friend (Winifred). Spinnelli figures out he's been hacked.Spin meets the female Jackal -- Winifred.

CarJax... Carly and Jax try to move forward. Sonny interrupts a special moment involving Jax and Kate. Jax offers Olivia a job.

Jolu... Johnny is arrested.Johnny accuses Ric of framing him.

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