Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spoilers 12/3

JaSam... Sam goes to Jake's after a fight with Lucky and finds Jason there. Jason asks Sam to play a game of pool. They get to talking about Lucky and Liz. Jason and Sam talk to the feds and Sam tries to take the blame to get them off of Jason's back. Sam owns up to her part in the Russians coming after her and Liz because of her association with Karpov.

MobWar... Jason is offered a deal of a lifetime. Claudia tells Jason it's too late to make peace with Sonny. Claudia tells Jason her and Sonny are taking over PC. Jason warns Sonny not to start a war with him.

Liason... Liz leaves Cam with Patrick and then confronts Sasha. When Jason thinks the explosion killed his son, Sam walks from the building with Jake in tow. Liz and Jason calls it quits. Jason tells Spinelli he's lost the family he's always wanted. Jason and Sasha's words haunt Liz. Sam hands Jake to Liz. Jason watches from the doorway and then leaves. He doesnt enter the Spencer house. Lucky and Sam hug before Lucky holds Jake.

Slaudia... Sonny and Claudia get to know eachother. Sonny loves his new power. Claudia wants her husband.

LuSam... Lucky has had it up to hear with Sam's actions. Lucky and Sam move in together. Jerry is rumored to blow up Sam's apartment.

Lunacy... Tracy refuses to fall for Luke's latest stunt. "Luke is determined to convince her that while Laura was his past, she is his future." - Anthony Geary. Luke proposes to Tracy.

Carly/Nikadine.... Nik and Carly bond. Nadine is jealous.

Jolu... Lulu listens to Lucky but decides she wants to decide her future. Johnny tries to work in a garage.

Kate... Kate's plans get tarnished. Kate contacts Dante. Kate is embarassed, and Carly may just feel bad.

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