Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spoilers 12/31

Happy New Year

Sason... Jason is devastated about the choice he has to make. (Jason has to choose to either save Spinelli from the feds or gives up info on Sonny. I'm still hearing he chooses Spinelli.) Carly won't side with Jason this time.

L&L2... Lucky and Liz turns to each other.

JaSam... Sam is shocked about what she sees. (I think this is regards to Sam witnessing a kiss between Liz and Lucky.

Skate... Kate and Sonny get a happy reunion until the Federal agents approach Kate.

Spixie... Maxie is determined to destroy Winifred.

Scrubs... Robin doesn't want to hold her baby anymore and Patrick is overwhelmed.

Alexis... Alexis realizes she has to put Sonny behind bars. Rumors indicate today that there will be a Rexis 2.0 After medical problems arise with Molly the two become closer.

Hospital Crisis... Rumors are saying that Lulu is injured pretty bad because Johnny loses it when shes hurt and risks everything to save her. Tracy will be a patient at the hospital. Spinell, Ric, Nadine, Olivia are also injured.


  • Tony Geary has signed a brand new 3 year contract with GH. Another "insider" says this is false and that he only signed for 3 months which sounds more likely.
  • Steve Burton is expected to re-sign. TPTB understand what he wants and it fits very well with their plans to fix the problems with GH.

Other News: Bradford Anderson(Damian Spinelli) received #10 on Daytime Confidential Male Entertainer of 2008. And Tristan Rogers(Robert) received #1 Male Entertainer of the Year.

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