Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spoilers 12/4

*** Robert and Luke will share scenes when he returns for Scrubs wedding!

Liason... Liason's final scene is their goodbye at the PCPD on Friday, Dec 12th.

JaSam... Jason does not event mention Liz's name to Sam when they are at Jake's. Sam tells Jason about her fight with Lucky and Jason reminds her that she once warned him that if the person you love does not accept all of you then it is doomed from the start.

Nikadine...Nik meets Aunt Raylene and Nik assures Nadine if it's a wedding that Raylene wants then thats what they'll do.

Slaudia... Claudia wants to consummate their marriage but Sonny says no. Claudia shows compassion for Jake's kidnapping. Claudia shows her softer side.

KateVSCarly... Kate plans a party so she can rub her date, Jax in Carly's face. Nik and Carly one ups Kate and Jax.

Scrubs... Robin goes to work and is diagnosed with Postpartum Depression.

Lunacy... Luke suggest that they let cards decide the fate of their marriage.

Jolu... Claudia rips into Lulu, sending Lulu running off. Too bad for Claudia Johnny heard everything. Johnny and Lulu grow closer than ever because of his situation

LuSam... Rumors swirling that these to may be calling it quits.


  • GH is going to cast a contract role for an African American female doctor

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