Friday, December 5, 2008

Spoilers 12/5

*** There is so much out there today it's harder to sort through what sounds like truth and whats fan-fic, so treat most as rumors.

Christmas Episode: Carly takes Morgan for the reading, Jax is near looking at them. Liz goes is there too with her kids. Alexis is working that day but it is said that her nanny took the kids there(kids not shown), Lucky and Tracy celebrate with quick appearances from Edward and Monica, the doctors and nurses at the hospital are shown, Patrick and Robin with Emma, Mac, Anna and Robert are all together, Maxie drops by but goes back to the apart. with Lulu/Johnny, Spinelli (had scenes earlier with Jason). Lucky and Sam meet on the docks, stare at each other and both walk away, later Lucky joins Liz and the kids at the hospital. Kate and Olivia are together drinking wine but both don't look very happy. Sonny/Claudia: there are a few scenes where Sonny looks at the pictures of his kids with sadness, Claudia and him talk about it, then they decide to celebrate anyway, Sonny cooks, they drink and eat looking comfortable together.

Montage... Scrubs with Scorpio family, Luke with Tracy, Johnny/Lulu, Spinelli/Maxie, Claudia/Sonny, Carly walking out with Morgan while Jax is looking on.

Crimson... Carly will find out what dress Kate will be wearing and shows up in the same exact dress. Carly will show up first and make a grand entrance. Carly makes prior arrangements to have Kate locked in the elavator so Carly gets there first. Kate handles it but her fashion attire shows off her credability. After the party Kate goes to Lulu to find out how Carly knew what she'd wear. Kates about to come down on her when Maxie jumps in to defend her. Maxie says it was her that told Carly, now Kate wants to fire them both. Jax will then step in.

LuMax... When both Lulu and Maxie look at the same apartment and decide they both want it they decide to be roomies. Spin will be jealous what Johnny ends up living there too.

Kax... Kate will tell Jax that Dante is Sonny's. Jax and Kate part on good terms and agree that they don't want to ruin their friendship.

L&L2... Liz appreciates Lucky's kindness during the struggle. She appreciates him being there for her and the boys.

LuSam... Sam feels that she doesn't fit in Lucky's world anymore. Lucky is wary of Sam's craving for adventure. He is constantly tested on whether he's dangerous enough. He will ask Sam that if Jason would take her back would she go to him and does Lucky offer her kind of excitement she desires. Sam will assure him on both questions kind of haunt her. Sam feels like she is moving fast to prove to Lucky that she doesn't need more then him.

Di_lex... Diane and Alexis contemplate a partnership. A new man in town will enter the storyline. Diane thinks he's a catch, Alexis is not impressed, but the new man becomes impressed.. with Alexis.

Carly... Carly's plan backfires on her. Olivia and Carly's friendship doesn't last. Carly gets revenge on Kate. Eventually rumor has it that Kate may inadvertantly hurt Carly ten times worse.Alexis and Jax say their goodbyes. Jax worries for his brother. Jax can't endure anymore of Carly's antics and leaves.

Slaudia... Sonny gets use to having Claudia around. Ric and Claudia will continue their romance briefly. You will see some push and pull here. Claudia will feel torn between Ric and Sonny at first. But it will become clear her focus is on Sonny. Claudia becomes possessive of Sonnny. She goes toe to toe with Kate and Carly. But mostly Olivia. Claudia doesn't want any lasting connections between Sonny and Olivia. Lots of people become intrigued by Dante. And Lots of people pick up on Olivia's old feelings returning. Including Kate. Sonny and Kate are on a rocky road through all this. Claudia fumes when Sonny gives her a smackdown on Kate's behalf. There is still a connection.Claudia and Sonny however do become closer and are determined to remain a powerful team. Sonny remains on a tough power trip. You'll be seeing Sonny somewhat no holds bared. Look for Jason to be the kinder more rational mob boss to Sonny's more ruthless spur of the moment mob boss. A great divide between Sonny and Jason is apart of the storyline. Sonny sets up Johnny for a fall to get Anthony to finally admit he shot Kate .

Scrubs... Matt and Patrick bond more. Robin feels like a failure as a mother when she can’t get Emma to stop crying. Mac and Patrick bolster Robin, assuring her she’s going to be a great mother. Robin and Patrick plan their first Christmas as a family.

Olivia... Patrick witnesses Sasha attack and stab Olivia after Olivia overhears Sasha talking about a kidnapped baby. Olivia refuses to allow Patrick to take her to the hospital and has him take her to Sonny’s instead. Patrick tends to Olivia’s stab wound at Sonny’s.

Spixie... Maxie decides it’s time she got a place of her own. Robin bolsters Mac when Maxie moves out.

Liz... Liz is encouraged to attempt to move on. I heard that there might be a little Matt and Liz coming. Some dates or something. Liz's effort to move on.Maxie becomes jealous. Spinelli takes notice. Jason hears all from Spinelli about Liz and Matt and is hurt. Both Liz and Matt are honest that they are interested in other people.

JaSon... Jason leaves town for a time after his breakup with Liz and encounters a mysterious Russian woman.

Nikadine... Nikolas and Nadine start having problems when Nadine's behavior becomes erractic.


  • Megan Ward recently had an interview where she talked about having a big story coming up in January. The story is scheduled to be filmed during the month of January, but what she didn't mention is how she will not be renewing her contract. Her fans shouldn't see this as something negative. If you want what is best for her, you will support her departure. She's much better off without the show. TPTB made a bunch of empty promises.
  • Megan is less than thrilled about where Kate is headed. She will not be renewing... count on it. Skate is done and you don't have to take my word for it. I'm not the only one on this board that has said so. Furthermore, just look at your screen, along with the up-coming spoilers. Guza has found a new toy with Olivia and there's not much left for Kate to do. Megan Ward is less than thrilled about her character's direction and therefore she is not signing.
  • Guza wants Kate to have Jax's child.

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