Monday, December 8, 2008

Spoilers 12/8

***Not sure on whats true and whats fanfic lots of new stuff coming up.

JaSam... Rumor: Sam goes missing. Sasha pretends to know in order to test Jason to see how far he would go to save Sam. She is more than a little surprised by him before she finally admits she cannot help him. After he leaves, Sasha makes a call and says "we have his weakness."

Expect to see the adventurous side of Sam more with Jason. Lucky realizes Sam thrives on the fact that Jason gives that to here. Alexis and Sam will discuss Sam and Jason's peacemaking and how it effects Lucky.

Slaudia... Sonny begins to see another side of Claudia. He wonders what she would be like if she let her guard down. He thinks he would like that person. She also starts becoming very possessive of him. Jason visits Sonny but finds Clauida instead. After speaking with her he is actually quite surprised to see Claudia firmly planted on Sonny's side now. He also sadly realizes that he and Sonny are through and leaves.

Jolu... John's crazy new job is selling Christmas trees at the lot. Lulu finds out when she goes there with Maxie. Everyone makes an appreance there at some point to buy a tree. Including Claudia who is outraged and offers her bro money. But Johnny refuses and wants to make it on his own. Lulu is proud of him and later shows up to help him out. They share a kiss.

Alexis... Alexis confronts Sahsa on the pier while Sam is hiding. Sam listens as Alexis makes it clear that she's aware Sasha's running things in PC for the Russian mob and plans to nail her for it. Sasha suggests Alexis is merely trying to deflect attention from her former lover and drug smuggling slut daughter but Alexis stands her ground and does not back off despite Sasha's threats.She visits with Sonny and lets him know she is on to him and the reason he married Claudia. They discuss how she used to look the other way but she tells him she will no longer to do that and will now prosecute him to the full extent of the law if the occasion should arise.She also spends time with Luke confiding in him about Jerry and we finally get to hear a little of her POV.

Rumors: LL2 - reconnecting, but Liz will still have feelings for Jason and Lucky will still be trying to make things work with Sam. Jasam - Jason will offer Sam a job in his organization.Scrubs - Marriage troubles, Guza has been given the go-ahead for a full-blown PPD story.CarJax - No divorce yet, the two are actually reconnecting.Skate/Olivia/Claudia/Ric - Claudia will have feelings for both brothers. Olivia will get word that Dante is heading to PC on Sonny's orders. Kate is uneasy about Olivia's connection with Sonny.Nikadine - Same ol'. I really got the feeling this is not a long-term pairing, and Nadine maybe off the show soon. JoLu - Lulu will be pregnant in the new year. This is really going to be a challenge for the young couple as Johnny as given up his fortune and is working a regular job.

A recast Michael will be returning to coincide with the reveal of Claudia as being behind his shooting and finally the Kate/Ian connection will be made known to Carly.

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