Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/14 Spoilers

LuSam... Lucky and Sam decide they have nothing left to say to each other. Sam decides to infiltrate the Zacharra Organization. Alexis supports Sam's decision to be a private eye, but Lucky doesn't.

Spixie... Maxie is disappointed when Spinelli still remains distant after she was right about Winnifred. Spinelli doesn't know why he was set free. Maxie accepts Matt's invite to the benefit.

Rebecca...Rumors suggest the Rebecca is at GH to apply for a job. Her name is Rebecca Shaw and shes a X-ray Tech.

Slaudia... Claudia is close to the last DVD but not close enough. Sonny comes across the DVD first. Kate finds Claudia searching Sonny's room. Claudia finds what she is looking for my Kate sees her.

Scrubs... Robin and Patrick move into their new house.

CarJax... Carly and Jax share in wonderful happiness.

liz... Matt and Liz share an unexpected moment during the crisis.

Leyla... The hospital mourns the death of Leyla Mir.

Sason... Jason takes the role as an informant but is torn up over it. Bernie is instructed to get all the info on the Zacharras. Agent Rayner involves Jason in a domestic terrorist cell that works in bio-toxins.

Jolu... Lulu goes to Carly for a loan so she can pay her rent. Johnny lies to Lulu and tells her he has a job as a GH Orderly.

Who were those men in the Medianet??? Looks like they will be terrorists dealing with the biotoxin.

Death... Looks like 4 people will be dying, Leyla, Trevor and 2 day players.

More to Come...

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