Monday, January 19, 2009

Spoilers 1/19

Slaudia/Skate... Claudia ups the stakes with Kate. Kate and Claudia have another confrontation, and this time Kate is more aware that something is going on with Claudia. Sonny and Kate share a romantic moment. Claudia distracts Ric with sex. Claudia faces jailtime for her role in Michael's shooting but Ric comes to the rescue. Kate agrees to be Sonny's mistress while he secretly works with Jason. Claudia discovers Sonny has another childCarly goes to Sonny to warn him about Kate.

Scrubs... Robin realizes she has a problem but won't admit it to Patrick. Maxie went shopping for Emma and comes to visit Robin in the new house. Robin is about to admit to Maxie that she thinks something is wrong with her when Matt shows up. Carly visits Robin on Wednesday. The two are actually having a civil conversation, when Emma starts crying and Robin gets annoyed and snaps. Patrick questions Jason and Nik to find out what is going on with his wife. Carly provides him with some insight.

CarJax... Olivia gains Jax's confidence and trust as Wyndamere becomes his. Jax and Carly cannot come to terms and finally decide to call it quits.

Nikadine... Nadine fakes a suicide attempt to gain sympathy from Nikolas. Equinox sends a new man to town "undercover". Nik lets Nadine down easily, but she doesn' take it well. Nik and Robin chat about past loves. Spinelli offers Nadine a comforting shoulder to cry on.

Rebecca... Rebecca makes plans to claim ELQ. Nikolas is convinced Rebecca is Emily and continues to follow her. Jason suspects Rebecca is involved with the Equinox highjacking. The Quartermaines happiness is dashed when they find out Rebecca's true motives. Rebecca helps Monica through some tough times.

M&M... Maxie and Matt continue to fight their attraction. Matt and Maxie end up in bed after a disastrous second date.

Sason... Sonny and Jason continue to secretly work together.

Jolu... Carly hires on Johnny at the Metro Court, much to Anthony's displeasure. Lulu confides in Matt about her problems with Johnny. Lulu kicks Johnny out after overhearing his involvement in the shooting. Matt will show some interest in Lulu, which will cause Johnny to doubt himself. Johnny sees Matt as an all around good man. Matt went to college and became a doctor, as opposed to Johnny, who didn’t really do much with his life. Johnny will NOT like the relationship between Matt and Lulu. Johnny will finally show some insecurities.Daunte was supposed to play Matt’s part but since that has been pushed back, they decided to slide Matt in. When Trevor dies, he leaves Johnny the truth and something else, but Ric steps in.

JaSam... Jason gives in to Sam's plan about her infiltrating the Z's organization. Sam gets in deep with the Zaccara's when she discovers something big. Alexis suspects Sam is in over her head and goes to lengths to protect her. Jason gets Spinelli out of jam. Rumor: Sam goes undercover with the Z's and finds some information that she gives Jason. In order not to have to spill at an upcoming trial they get married.

L&L2... Lucky brings Liz lunch from the Metro Court. Lucky and Liz take Cameron and Jake on a camping trip to celebrate Liz's recovery.

Spinelli... Spinelli goes to Winifred for help locating the hijacked truck.

Did Maurice Bernard Re-Sign???
Quote from Insider:

"Notice Maurice didnt take any vacation this year right? well it was for a reason. Maurice Benard signed again with the show but what he didnt tell the fans is that he also asked for 3 months off the show. The current storyline is being set up for him to leave for 3 months- Sonny will fake his death and disappear to South America. Dante will be in town during this time and everyone will have to deal with him being gone and his kid being in town, nobody wont know what really happened to him except Jason and Sam. During this time, the plan is for Dante to be tested and establish himself a bit in town as he is the young version of the next Sonny Corinthos, of course Maurice has signed for at least 2 years so i'm not saying he is leaving the show, just that he is leaving now and there is no guarantee he will resign next time so the show is preparing themselves."

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