Friday, January 2, 2009

Spoilers 1/2

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year!

Spixie... Spinelli finds out his computer was hacked and later meets Winifred. Spinelli gets a deal offered to him while he is in jail . Spinelli is arrested for treason and hacking. Winifred tells Maxie to back off. Maxie will go to extremes to protect Spinelli. She tries to seduce Spinelli after she can't get him to see what Winifred is doing. Spinelli catches on and the two argue. Winifred is a federal agent who wants to get access to Sonny from Spinelli. Rumors say Winifred kisses Spinelli.

Sason... Jason sets up bombs and ambushes to warn Sonny off his territory. Jason gets another offer from Rayner. Sonny begins passing his shipments through Jason's territory. Claudia pushes Sonny to eliminate Jason. Spinelli is arrested for Treason, the feds promise to let Spinelli go if Jason cooperates and gets information on Anthony and Sonny. Sonny tells Jason he betrayed him.

LuSam... Things get tense between Lucky and Sam. Lucky is furious when Sam turns up at the pcpd ready to fight for Spinelli in Jason's absence. Sam witnesses something between Lucky and Liz. Lucky confides his troubles with Sam to Liz.

Skate... Sonny walks in on a intimate moment between Kate and Jax. Kate learns of Claudia's involvement in the shooting but doesn't do what is expected.

Scrubs... Robin isn't ready to be intimate with Patrick. Robin turns him down, then Patrick leaves upset but calms down after a talk with Matt. The only person Robin confides in about the possibility of her Illness is with Jason where she asks about when Carly had PPD. During the crisis Carly notices that she is unfocused. Patrick discovers that some drugs that have been administered seem to have harmful effects. Patrick is going to be getting a lot of sympathy and worry because he's stretching himself thin and thinking he can do everything. Matt tries to take over his cases and offers help but Patrick thinks he has it all covered. Carly won't be the only one who talks to him about Robin. Carly is at the fundraiser benefit because it is for Michael.

Nadine... Nadine learns that Aunt Raylene may have been involved in arms dealings. She refuses to deal with anything to do with war. Her Aunt Raylene was peaceful and loving. Nadine confesses to Nik that the man she loved was killed in Iraq. Nik and Nadine take on the feds in Washington. Nik and Nadine disagree on what Nadine should do with the Equinox corp.

Jolu... Sonny and Luke come up with a plan to help Johnny get out of prison. Anthony and Ric gets Johnny arrested for assault. Lucky is the one to arrest him. Ric tells Johnny he better play his game or pay. Look for Ric to do the same thing to Johnny as he did to Logan. Luke gets the charges dropped but later Luke receives a message from Ric to not cross Anthony. Johnny learns about the DVD's from Claudia and Lulu senses that Johnny is keeping something from her.

The Benefit... Rumored to be for Michael will start Jan 15th.

CarJax... Diane and Alexis want to get Carly and Jax back together. Carly catches Claudia watching a DVD. Carly ditches Jax for Sonny. Carly and Jax talk about their true feelings and their future. Carly breaks plans with Jax in order to stop Sonny from tempting Jason. Jax retaliates by inviting Olivia for a dip in the pool. Carly and Jax make some progress towards their relationship which leads to some romance.

Claudia... Sonny becomes suspicious of Claudia when he catches her snooping. Carly catches Claudia watching one of the DVD's. Ric tells Claudia a secret. Claudia tries to distract Sonny with Sex. Carly wants to get Claudia out of Sonny's life. Claudia tells Johnny about the DVD's.

Kelly's... Bobbie talks to Luke about rebuilding Kellys.

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