Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spoilers 1/20

**No GH Today due to the Presidential Inauguration.**

Liason... Will Jason know that Liz is on her death bed??? Yes he will know but don't expect to see him standing by her bedside. Jason will be busy finding out how to stop it and who's behind it.

JaSam... Jason is the inside the hospital but leaves before the lockdown is in place. This s/l will be similar to the virus s/l. Jason and Sam will be looking for an antidote. Jason will know that Monica and Liz is infected but his reaction won't be how you'd like. The antidote is found and will be administered. Jason and Sam will be looking through a window and witness Lucky by Liz's bedside when she receives the treatment.

Haunted Star... We've all see the spoiler that Luke will catch someone sneaking aboard that Haunted star. It maybe someone from Luke's travels, the male has an Australian accent.

Scrubs... We all hear the rumors that Robin wakes up and learns that Emma is missing. Not to worry Emma will be fine. The most likely senario is that Robin leaves Emma with Audrey and goes to the store. Robin runs off the road because of the storm and Maxie finds her in the snow and out of it. Robin is out of it and can't remember where Emma is. After Carly goes to Patrick about her diagnoses of Robins woes, Patrick calls Robin and they get into a fight about what Carly has to say.


Big rumor out there today that Michael could be waking up learning that his Step-mom was behind his shooting, and his Dad is still married to her despite what she has done. This could send little Michael up to the Quartermaines.

Michael will be between 15 -17 yrs old. Also, they are tinkering with the idea of aging Morgan as well to 12.He'll be with the Q's and GH will have a new pre-teen set that will be at PC High, more of the changes you'll see in the spring. The teens should be full blown before the summer months.

Insiders Post about script release for Michael:
"This script was just released today to recast for Michael. Michael will be aged due to that wonderful Rapidly aging soap syndrome disease that is so prevalent. The scene opens in Carly's living room where Michael enters after being picked up for speeding. He was released because Sonny called in favors. He is not grateful. Instead he is defiant and angry, but underneath he is secretly afraid that his head wounds have done something to him that is going to cause his parents a lot of pain. He feels that he is damaged forever and will never totally be normal. He's angry and confused. (these are side notes in the script).Michael asks why they waited up for him. That he knew Dad was having him released and that everything is OK now. Carly says that things are not OK and that they need to discuss what happened. She reminds him that he was going over a hundred miles an hour with his little brother in the car when the police finally stopped him (Michael flashes a look of guilt). Michael hangs his head and says that's why she is really upset. Because she was really just worried about Morgan. Hoping that he would not end up damaged like he is. Carly tells him that he is not damaged. Michael yells that this is a lie. That he will never be the same. That he was shot in the head and spent a year in a coma. That she needs to face the truth."

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