Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spoilers 1/22

L&L2... I'm hearing about a scene where Lucky and Liz remember their past and what they mean to each other. And they're honest about their feelings.

JaSam... Jason and Sam notice a close moment between Lucky and Liz when Liz wakes up it's very emotional. Sam goes on her missing despite what Jason had to say. Jason and Sam will slowly reunite as they witness Lucky and Liz rediscover there love.

CarJax... I'm hearing Carly and Jax will be stronger than ever after the crisis.

Scrubs... I'm hearing there will be a love scene before the end of February.

Jackal/Priestess... Winnifred discovers a secret about Spinelli.

Olivia... Olivia can't keep her past buried.

Nikadine... Nadine reaches her breaking point.

Necca.... Rebecca and Nik will be paired as you know. Rebecca is in town with an agenda.

Skate... I'm hearing conflicting things about Skate, hearing their done and they will be reunited who knows... Another Rumor is that Olivia will put the final nail in the skate coffin. She will be happy to tell Sonny that Kate kept the secret all these years and we know how Sonny is with betrayals. Hearing there may be more of Sonny and Claudia than originally planned.

Clic... Hearing one rumor that Claudia is pregnant and this may just be what saves Claudia when the secret comes out she'll be having her brother in laws baby.

Kristina... Rumors are Kristina will be sorased.

What I consider a rumor from an 'insider'

"Steve Burton has decided not to renew his contract. SB fans might be sad but this is a good thing for the show over all. There is worry by the higher ups about what losing their arguably most popular star will mean for ratings. Some are privately saying this is the best possible thing that could happen for the show. The show will be more rounded without the focus aways being centered around one character. Dropping SB's hefty salary won't hurt the show either, just saying."

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