Friday, January 23, 2009

Spoilers 1/23

Am being told now that some of the stuff that was perviously dropped is not correct information.

Jolu... Johnny and Lulu are a couple but a major upset is coming there way. It's part of the sweeps stunt. I'm hearing Lulu gets pregnant which makes their situation together even worse. How will Anthony take to being a grandfather.

Sam... AZ might know exactly what shes up to.

L&L2... They will be together but not as quick as many think.

JoMax... I'm hearing Johnny and Maxie will be sharing a story together.

Spixie... Winnifred sees Spinelli as a bad boy/naughty boy to her good girl persona. Maxie loves Spinelli,it's amazing what secrets come out when your drinking. Spinelli helps out Rayner. Maxie realizes just how much her night with Spinelli meant to her. I'm hearing Spinelli clears his name and gets the feds off Jason's back.

Nadine... I'm hearing she may go off the deep end.

Rebecca... Rebecca manipulates poor Monica. Monica goes down after being exposed to the Toxins and think Emily has come to bring her to Heavan.

Nik... Nik sees Rebecca and drops all his things to chase after her. Hearing he should beware of Rebecca cuz she isn't a saint like Emily.

Skate... Kate searches Sonny's house for the DVD's. Kate wants Olivia to help her warn Sonny about Claudia. Kate goes to the Fundraiser to tell Sonny the truth. Olivia stands in Kate's way to Carly's request. Kate asks Lulu to do the dirty work for her. Something happens to Kate because of the Toxin and she loses the DVD.

Some things I've heard:
  • There is doubt that Ethan is Dante.
  • Tom Pelphrey is close to signing with a different soap but GH may have sweetened the deal.
  • According to SOD Stephen Macht will be exiting as Trevor in the near future.
  • Deaths include Leyla, Trevor, and Andy from NS.

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