Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spoilers 1/29

Lulu... Lulu is prenounced dead, Johnny feels guilty. Rumors are that Maxie and Johnny are getting Chem tested. Someone comes to Lulu's aid (Ethan). Lulu doesn't let Johnny back in as easy as Johnny thought.

Sonny... Sonny is also pronounced dead, and Kate will be getting up in Olivia and Carly's faces for not believing that he is truly gone. Rumors say Claudia saves Sonny which may spare her life because her secret IS coming out.

Spinelli... Spinelli and Winifred learn something shocking about the FBI agents and doesn't believe that they should get the balls. Spinelli uncovers some information and gets his own butt out of trouble. Maxie declares her love for Spinelli. Maxie risks everything to go inside the HOspital when she learns Spinelli is in there.

Leyla... Nazanin confirmed Leyla's death.

Trevor... Trevor uses the crisis to his advantage. Trevor is still dying and still spilling some secrets before he goes. Is the rumor that Johnny is Trevors true? Trevor finds out that Anthony can walk and tries to strangle him but Claudia saves the day by pressing the call button. Sam and Trevor square off in a life or death situation.

Rebecca... Nik saves Rebecca, and Nadine is annoyed.

L&L2... We may just hear these two declare their love for eachother.

CarSon... I'm hearing the writer's are going back to what use to work and Carson maybe in the horizon, remember the rumor of them being united after Michael wakes up, could it be true?

Kate... Kate goes to the benefit with evidence, she collapses due to the toxin and loses the DVD. Rumors say Kate and Olivia will go looking for the DVD.

Claudia... Claudia is down for the count due to the toxin, and Daddy dearest may try to off her. Sonny comes at the right time and saves Claudia. Anthony tries again but Claudia saves herself by pressing the call button. Claudia tells Sonny about Anthony shooting Kate, and just as Sonny is ready to kill him Jason stops him because they need Anthony to save Spinelli. Claudia tells AZ the truth about Logan's death to give AZ leverage over Johnny but mainly to save herself.

Scrubs... Heavy Rumor: Robin and Patrick work on an experimental treatment to bring Michael back, and to everyones suprise, Michael wakes up. The Quartermaines are said to get a story out of this too but Michael ends up hating the Q's aswell. Michael's trust in Robin and the secret of Dante, which Patrick knows and Robin doesn't, both lead to major problems for the couple. That will be there story leading into summer

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