Friday, January 30, 2009

Spoilers 1/30

Murder??? This rumor could be true because this is GH, but one rumor suggest that Sam murders Trevor. Another rumor has Ric messing with Trevor's will.

Presumed Dead... Sonny is knocked unconscious after the explosion. We know Sonny isn't dead because Maurice Bernard just signed. The rumors could be true that Sonny uses being presumed dead to his advantage. Is this what gets him out of the feds grasp?

What about Matt? Matt will fine, he recovers faster than the others.

Ah, Fire! Nik will help Patrick out with the fire. Jason puts on his super hero cape, and Lucky takes a risk to get Liz out of there.

Robin, Emma, Johnny, and Maxie... After Johnny and Maxie find Robin and Emma, they make there was to GH. Emma goes to a safe wing at the hospital to be examined. Maxie makes her way for Spinelli. Johnny looks for Lulu, and Robin helps Epiphany. Well, the hospital is going to blow up so Robin tells Johnny and Maxie to take Emma to Mercy. Maxie needs Robin because Emma has pnemonia, Johnny goes back to get Robin.

CarJax... Hearing Carly and Jax will share a moment. Rumor is that Kate is suppose to be pregnant by Jax, but is depending on whether or not Megan Ward re-signed.

Sam... Rumor is that Sam is getting a father figure and he is already on the show but he is not her biological dad. Sam VS. Claudia. Post from 'Insider' "Frons has been pushing Guza to get Sam's father story on screen for awhile, but Guza kept saying it was not the right time.This is their compromise."

Carson... I'm hearing that the Dante secret, and Michael's recovery do put Sonny and Carly back together, and I'm starting to believe this is TRUE. Carly learns Ethan's true identity.

Scrubs... The PPD s/l starts to wind down after the crisis. I'm hearing Kimberly and Jason will have Public Service Announcements. Then the experimental treatment on Michael begins.

Jolu... Lulu becomes suspicious of Johnny and Maxie, and becomes closer with Ethan. Johnny receives financial help.

Ric... Ric finds himself with some serious power, and doesn't do anything good with it.

M&M... Matt and Maxie are rumored to have sex in March, than Matt's wife comes to town. Hearing Maxie will be torn between Johnny and Spinelli.

Spin-win... Spin and Winnifred learn that not everyone in the FBI is ethical.

Michael... Michael wakes up and wonders where Mom, Dad and Jason are.

Jason... Sam and Jason team up. Jason sees Rebecca.

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