Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spoilers 1/6

NS3... Soaps.com went right to ABC to find out if that rumor that NS3 wasn't going to happen. "We haven't made a decision yet either way, so there's nothing to report," the ABC representative told Soaps.com.

Nikadine... Pure speculation on my part but I'm sure that Nikadine's equinox s/l will be coincide with the hospital crisis as well as the MC Crisis. Equinox was behind Jerry's MC heist and was the company that funded Ian who gave him the drugs that he used to poison Nik. This story is to tie all of that together. Rebecca and Nik will interact and dance at the benefit, much to Nadine's dislike. Rebecca will be tested with a lot of people but she will quickly be moving towards Nik. Rumors say GH is about to do a Mary on Nadine. She'll be inflicted with the same crazy gene as her sister. Nik remembers Emily's birthday and visits her grave. Nik tells Alexis he still loves Emily.

Scrubs... Patrick tries to make Robin get treatment for PPD.

Sason... Jason is asked to betray Sonny to get Spin out of jail. Sonny asks Jason if he's working for the feds. Sonny gets a warning from Carly.

Skate... Kate starts thinking that Claudia and Jerry were partners. Rumors say Kate will be the one to tell Sonny he fathered a child with Olivia. There are still the other Rumors out there that Dante is coming and Michael will be recast and Sorased.

Liason... Hearing Liason will not be getting back together for the New Year, the writer's are adament on change, new couples and new story lines.

L&L2/JaSam... Look for both of these couples to begin reconnecting, you will notice Lucky and Liz connect a lot this week. It will take a longer for JaSam. Lucky and Elizabeth spend family time. Sam decides to infiltrate the Zacharra organization.

Spixie... There is a rumor out there to look for Maxie to have a new love and Spin to move past his feelings for Maxie. Maxie confronts Winifred, blaming her for Spin's arrest. Matt pursues Maxie. Maxie can't get Spinelli to believe her instincts. Spinelli and Maxie talk things out. Maxie tells Sam that she is in love with Spinelli. Spinelli has trouble after getting out of jail. Winnifred feels bad about what she did,especially after Maxie gets hold of her. Spixie will be together by the time the crisis ends. Maxie and Spinelli will each tell the other how much they love each other during the crisis.

Jolu... Lulu is shot during the crisis and Johnny is desperate to get to her. Theres a rumor out there that Lulu will learn about Johnny's involvement in Michael's shooting. Lulu will start to feel that Johnny is hiding something from her.

CarJax... Carly and Jax decide to try again and put a hold on the divorce. Rumor say that Carly finally chooses Jax over Sonny during the hospital crisis. When Carly cancels plans with Jax he invites Olivia to go for a dip in the MC pool.

Claudia... Claudia will tell Johnny about the Jerry's DVD game.


  • The Q's gain custody of Michael, from what I was told Monica petitions the court for custody when they deny Carly and Sonny, deeming them unfit to care for Michael.
  • Rebecca kisses Nik
  • Kelly's is rebuilt
  • Claudia wants Sonny to kill Jason
  • Q's getting custody of Michael.

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