Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spoilers 1/7

Just to let you know some of these spoilers/rumors I'd take with a grain of salt some of them seem off so I'm just throwing them out there.

L&L2/JaSam... Sam will be conflicted between Jason and Lucky but eventually chooses Lucky. Lucky goes to Liz who is basically waiting with open arms. Rumors indicate that Jason's feelings for Sam arose first. The "Insider" says that you will notice Jason and Sam brush up against eachother with that 'look' in their eyes. I'm hearing even more rumors that Rebecca Hearst could end up leaving the show. Lucky and Liz almost kiss, Sam sees them almost kissing and goes to Jason. JaSam is said to not even go to romantic before March. Lucky and Liz get back together which in turn brings Jason and Sam together as they look in from the outside. More rumors say that Liz will die and JaSam will fight for custody but I think thats getting ahead of ourselves. Lucky is at the gala, Liz is there also she might just be working at the hospital.

Slaudia/Skate... Sonny and Claudia share a night of passion. Kate knows Claudia is behind Michael's shooting and is ready to tell Sonny. Kate does spill Olivia's secret. Sonny surprisingly worries for his wife. I'm hearing an interesting rumor that when Sonny finds out it was Claudia, Claudia is pregnant and you know Sonny wouldn't kill a pregnant women especially when the baby could be his.

Sason... Sonny believes that Jason has agreed to give him up to save Spinelli. Alexis and Sonny have a confrontation where she basically tells him she's tired of the mob violence and will put him in jail.

Spixie.... Spinelli and Maxie have a falling out.

Matt... Matt has an encounter with Rebecca.

CarJax... Carly and Jax are still in love but have been unable to work things out. Olivia attends the gala with Jax. Diane suggests to Alexis that they help Jax and Carly to reconcile.

Nikadine... Nadine feels the pressure to sign over the patent. Alexis sets up a Senate hearing so that Nadine can testify against Equinox Nikolas has his hands full building her self confidence.

Jolu... Lulu agrees to attend to honor her cousin but Johnny forgoes the festivities.The Quartermaines also are in attendance. Luke and Johnny are off getting Johnny's name cleared. Lulu is one of the first to fall sick. Maxie and Lulu attend the benefit together. Maxie loses it with Matt over Lulu's illness and things heat up between the two. Lulu and Johhny have a falling out before hand and then all hell breaks loose, causing Johnny to go find Lulu.

Rebecca... After Nikolas gets over his initial shock of seeing Rebecca, Rebecca's lack of interest in Nikolas comes into play (pure comedy). He gives it back to her as good as he gets it. She will get a little play time with other male characters, but she is for Nikolas.

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