Friday, January 9, 2009

Spoilers 1/9

Jolu... Matt's rilvary with Patrick causes him to take a chance with Lulu's life; resulting in tragic consequences. Johnny is overcome with his feelings of worry and anger. Luke suprises all when he announces the charges have been dropped.

Lunacy... Luke helps Tracy in a big way.

Sason... Jason retaliates against Sonny.

Spixie... Spinelli finds out the real reason Maxie slept with him. Spinelli is arrested before Maxie can apologize.

Scrubs... Robin freaks out and says all of her problems are because they're living in the cramped apartment and they need to move. Liz knows of a house available. Scrubs take it. Liz being a friend helps Robin. While she's helping Robin move, Robin freaks out major, won't touch or go near Emma and runs off in fear, leaving Liz with Emma. Then Patrick comes home. Liz tells him what happens.Patrick is upfront that he thinks Robin has PPD or some other hormonal imbalance and that she's not herself. She gets mad. They're at odds over it. Robin is at the gala for Michael. Robin makes a costly error.

L&L2... The crisis will bring the two closer. They are seperated. Lucky will be trying to get to her. Once he is able be by her, he won't be leaving her side. They won't let lucky get to liz due to risk of exposure. He doesn't care about the exposure.

Monica... Monica sees double.

Skate/Slaudia... Kate is about to wreck Claudia's life.

Dante... Rumors say Do not expect a big announcement about the casting of Dante. He will not be on the canvas for very long. He is a very BAD guy. Rumors say its a newbie actor named John Rival. The actor shows up on screen on Jan 26th.

CarJax... There is a rumor that Carly picks Jax over Jason and Sonny. Jason will ask Carly to facilitate a meeting between himself and Sonny at Carly's house. Carly already had plans with Jax and she tells Jason she's sorry but can't help him.

Interesting "Insider" Post:

"from an insider i trust their will be a twist to dante when he does arrive he
will be bad think crazy bad but the twist is what if he isn't sonny and olivia's
son but switched at birth. Can you not think of anyone on the canvas that is
crazy or can you not think of a character that is nothing like their father that
you wonder maybe he isn't actually related" -Any ideas on who it could be???

More to Come

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