Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yay Its My Birthday Spoilers 1/13 updated @ 4 Est.

LuSam... Lucky and Sam decide to call it quits January 26th.

JaSam... Jason is devestated about the choice he has made. Sam is shocked by what she sees.

L&L2... Lucky and Liz turn to eachother.

Alexis... Alexis realizes she'll have to put Sonny in jail.

CarJax... Carly won't side with Jason this time. Carly goes and sees Patrick and asks about Michael. Jason worries that Carly is getting her hopes up. Carly goes to Robin about Michael's benefits and realizes something is off about the new mom.

Skate... Sonny and Kate have a happy reunion until federal agents approach Kate.

Spixie... Maxie vows to destroy Winnifred. Spinelli is feeling down about himself. He was played by Winnifred, Maxie used him to forget about Winnifred, and he put Jason in a bad situation. Robin thinks Matt and Maxie remind her of Scrubs.

Scrubs... Robin doesn't want to hold baby Emma. Patrick is overwhelmed.

Slaudia... Sonny almost catches Ric and Claudia in bed.

Nikadine... Nik tells Monica he's still in love with Emily. Nik fears the tumor is back when he sees "Emily" In public. Nik won't allow Jax to take Wyndamere, to many memories of Emily.

Sason... Looks like Jason chooses to save Spinelli, are we gonna get another one of Sonny's favorite 'Betrayal' speeches.

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Backyard Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks so much for posting the spoilers, video promos, etc. Your site keeps me up to date and I really appreciate your efforts!!!