Friday, February 13, 2009

Quotes of the Day

Today's episode was really good, lots of memorable moments for me

Maxie to herself

"Somehow climbing stairs in a burning building isn't exactly like doing the elliptical at the gym. Then again, I'll still have tight thighs and great buns especially in these shoes. Do you hear that Spinelli? I'm ruining my shoes to save your life you better be prepared to be grateful and don't do anything stupid like die before I get there. I mean it." - Maxie

Next Scene:

"Oh great, now my outfit is going to smell like smoke. After I go to a club and smell like smoke I have to shower for at least an hour. I have to scrub my hair.. Oh I cannot believe I'm doing this. Spinelli I'm going to make you pay." -Maxie

Tracy to Lulu

"I'm so glad you got out" -Tracy

"Are you going to get mushy on me" -Lulu

"I can't get over the fact that you never left my side. I find myself uncustomary proud and very greatful to be you step-monster" -Tracy

Rebecca to Nikolas

(smack) "Finally, ah take it easy alright, you got knocked on the head" -Rebecca
"Emily, is that you" -Nik
"It's Rebecca, Rebecca Shaw remember we already had this conversation. " -Rebecca

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