Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sami's Highlights on Todays Episode


  • I really enjoyed the Rebecca and Liz scenes today. We got to see more of a personality from Rebecca besides her bitchy attitude towards anyone who thinks she is Emily. I don't see what the big deal is, I think Rebecca is a tad bit overreacting. But love this new biker NL more than the infamous goody two shoes Emily.
  • Loved the JoMax hug right in front of Lulu, that was a slap in the face towards her.
  • Loved how Jason was escorting Sam threw the fire with his arm draped around her back.
  • Loved how Johnny basically ditched Lulu to check in on his sister, and ran out the door as she was still talking.
  • Love any scene with Mac and Maxie. Love that despite the fact that Maxie just made out with Johnny, Lulu still offered to stay there with her and wait for Spinelli.
  • Loved the Emma and Mac scene but I think Sonny appearing kind of killed it.
  • Gotta love Jason's devotion to Spinelli.


  • Hated the Jolu scene, the spark is definitely missing from these two and you can tell trouble lies ahead.
  • Hated that Ric was so quick to turn his back on Claudia.
  • Hate that Patrick can't even see his family after all he did for the FBI.
  • Hate that all Johnny complains about is his prescious Lulu finding out and dumping him.
  • I love Maxie but Hate how she was pimping Johnny, hello you guys almost had sex now your pimping Johnny to Lulu.

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