Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spoilers 2/10 Updated @4est

Not much out there, I'll post more if/when I see it.

An Unlikely Team? Ric and Kate team up to destroy Sonny and Claudia.

Ethan... Ethan meets Robin Scorpio.

Spixie... Maxie has a dream sequence where she is B.J. and sees what life in PC would be without her. After the dream Maxie realizes how she's been wasting her life and has been taking people for granted. She comes to the fact that she needs to give her and Spinelli a real chance.

Things I've Heard:
  • Steve Burton is auditioning for other roles.
  • Kelly's will be re-opening soon.
  • GH sent out a casting call for a 16 year old "strong-willed beauty" This could be a Sorased Kristina.


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