Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spoilers 2/19

Kate VS. Claudia... Claudia finds another one of Jerry's DVDs and catches Kate snooping around the house. Kate needs to know when to cut her losses. I'm with Claudia on how Kate looks pathetic. There is a rumor floating around that Kate has another big secret and Olivia is the one to reveal it. Kate is trying to focus on her magazine again but her behavior alarms some people including her cousin who tells someone a fact of Kate's past that she wanted to forget. Claudia is shocked when she learns Sonny's feelings for her. Kate becomes obsessed with revenge. (ah isn't that why she broke up with Sonny) After Sonny and Claudia consummate their marriage and everything goes right, she gets scared of how good it feels, Claudia steps some bounderies in Sonny's life including his relationships with some people. Sonny disapproves when Kate physically assaults Claudia.

Sonny... Sonny merges his old organization with the Zachara one and becomes the most powerful man around.

Ric... Ric is interested in getting his old job back but not if Alexis has a say in it. Alexis and Ric talk about their fathers.

Spinelli... I'm hearing he will suffer from side effects from all the snake inhalations that will come up after the fact. Winnifred warns Spinelli, that because Anthony is missing he's still in hot water. Maxie tells Spinelli the truth about the cabin. Maxie and Johnny continue to fight their attraction, Spinelli notices it. Spinelli is offered to work with the FBI permanently. Johnny yells at Spinelli about Maxie.

JaSam... Jason and Sam continue to work together, they soon realize how much they depend on eachother. Jason sees how well they work together and talk about the past. But whats now is now. Jason and Sam move forward with their newfound friendship and agree that it feels right.

Lulu... Lulu sees the real Ethan and begins to understand him. Johnny begins to lurk in the shadows and isn't happy with what he sees. Lulu gets an update about Laura.

GNO?? This could be a rumor but I'm hearing a girls night out is coming! Lulu, Sam, Liz, Rebecca.

Rebecca... Lucky lets Rebecca know he is interested in only being a friend to her that he and his ex Elizabeth are reconsiling. He also tells her that they share 2 little boys together. The Q's begin to wonder who Rebecca and Ethan are and if there is a reason they have both entered their lives at the same moment. Lulu hates Ethan and the bond he has with Luke. Nikolas and Elizabeth are bothered by Rebecca and Lucky's bond. Rebecca makes it clear that she wants more than a friendship with Lucky, she wants him in bed.

Michael... Michael's condition is improving.


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