Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spoilers 2/24

Slaudia...Rumor is Kate and Carly are forced to team up to get Claudia away from Sonny. Kate wants Claudia out of Sonny's bed, Carly wants her far away from Michael. Sonny chooses to save Claudia's life over getting AZ.

JaSam... Rumor is JaSam will be front and center and its all about redeveloping the JaSam romance. Rumors say Sam and Spinelli start there own PI business.

L&L2... Elizabeth and Lucky will come close to making love during sweeps but will stop and agree to take it slow. Lucky and Nik will both be charmed by Rebecca. Liz will sense that something is 'off' about her.

Dante... Quote from "insider"
"Fan research indicated that most viewers could not accept a Sonny/Claudia 'love story' while Michael was laying in a hospital bed with a coma that Claudia was partially responsible for. So they decided they have to wake him up. Sonny doesn't need two 'son' stories going at the same time so Dante was postponed. No word when, or if, it will be picked up but I'm thinking it may not ever happen because basically they've given Dante's storyline , with a few changes here and there, to Ethan."

Scrubs... I'm hearing the new opening will feature Scrubs and Emma as a family together. Ethan reminds Robin of stone. Patrick thinks Robin is avoiding Emma.

CarJax... Rumor is that Kate clues Jax in about Claudia's secret and he may be keeping it from Carly. Olivia also confides in Jax about Dante. Jax tells Kate he won't help her.

Johnny... Kate hires Johnny to be Maxie's personal escort where he will make $1000 a gig. Kate also uses the opportunity to use it against Claudia.

Rebecca... Rebecca shares a talk with Luke. Liz suspects something is up with Rebecca. Tracy thinks Rebecca is a fraud.

Nik... Nadine ends things with Nik. Rumors say Nik breaks into the Q's crypt and finds Emily's tumb empty.

Spinelli... Spinelli finds himself locked up.


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