Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spoilers 2/25 Updated @ 10:15 est.

**Hearing something BIG is happening and it has been surprisingly kept quite!
**March 20 is a big day for Sonny, Clauida, Kate, Johnny, Lulu and Scrubs.
Updates In Red

Robin tells Ethan she has no children. Ethan assures Robin he's a chivalrous type. He once saved a girl from a bear. That reminds Robin of Stone. Lulu questions Robin about her conversation with Ethan, as Patrick overhears. Ethan overhears Maxie and Johnny talking about their secret and is happy to share with Lulu. Ethan comforts Lulu with a kiss and Maxie sees. Maxie warns Johnny about Ethan. Rumor is that Ethan is Roberts Son for now.

Rebecca... Rebecca tells Liz she feels at ease with Lucky. Rebecca feels guilty for how she treated Nik. Liz doesn't like Rebecca. Lucky and Nik are at odds over Rebecca.

CarJax.. They are as happy as humanly possible. Lady Jane is in town with her fiance and Jax thinks he's a gold digger. Carly makes a decision about Michael.

Liz...Nik checks on Liz and brings her a drawing from Spencer. She is doing much better and ready to go home. Nik tells her about taking Rebecca to Wyndemere and asks her if she needs him to take her home when released. Elizabeth tells him that Lucky is picking her up. AFter Elizabeth tell Lucky to stay away from Rebecca, Rebecca has some choice words for Elizabeth. Liz and Lucky kiss again the second week in March after admitting there are some feelings there but agree they have to take things slow after everything that has happened in the past.

JaSam... Jason asks Spinelli to help Sam with her PI license. Raynor pressures Jason to deliver info on Sonny. Raynor threatens to send Spinelli away. Sam and Jason try not to mix there business with pleasure. Jason and Sam find themselves in a familar situation. RUMOR IS THAT JASAM FILMED A FTB LOVE SCENE TODAY. Rumors also say that Lucky is the one to arrest Sam. Jason, Sam and Winifred set out to rescue spinelli. Sam impresses Jason with her resourcefulness.

Quote From Insider:

"Over the next few weeks Jason begins to see that Sam works well with his life and that he can be happy with her and maybe get all that he wants this time .A paternity change has not been put on the table but those that dropped that a custody battle may happen were correct, and yes it is Sam who makes Jason see that he can have it all and encourages him to fight for what he wants."

Quote from Insider:
"Jason and Sam are hot on AZ's trail. Jason has an idea, Sam has a different idea. Jason thinks Sam's idea is better and says something to the effect that there's been a lot of times over the past year or so when he wished he had her perspective on different situations(Not a word for word but that's his big confession.)"

Slaudia... Sonny disarms the bomb on Claudia. Robin wonders about the relationship between Sonny and Claudia. Claudia visits Michael, and Carly almost sees. Sonny and Claudia gets closer. Sonny learns that Jason's men aren't happy to have Sonny back.

Spinelli... Winnifred witnesses Spinelli getting a fake passport. Spinelli is also spied on by a mystery women. Maxie is determined to save Spinelli. Sonny has Spinelli freeze AZ's accounts. Spinelli questions Johnny about his feelings for Maxie.

Unlikely dream team??? Ric and Kate team up for revenge. Sonny's attempts at warning Ric to stay away from Kate but that just makes Kate and Ric closer.

Scrubs... She stays out all night. Patrick freaks. They have a huge fight, that's when Liz plays mediator and Patrick asks Liz to take and watch Emma. Robin puts Emma in danger.

Maxie... Rumor has it Brandon Barash and Kirsten Storms filmed a kissing scene.

Rumored Comings
Tristan Rogers will be returning for an extended stay later on this spring.
Emma Samms will also be returning but for a shorter term. Details are still be worked out but this will probably be no longer than three weeks.
Finola will also be popping in and out.


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