Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spoilers 2/26 Updated @ 4:30 est

Rumerish but it's probably true... Kali Rodriguez (Kristina) has been officially let go from General Hospital.

Rebecca... Alexis doesn't like Rebecca. Liz doesn't trust Rebecca after overhearing a call. Nikolas does not care to listen to any warnings about Rebecca and continues to pursue her, which can be more deadly then he realizes. Rebecca and Ethan are almost caught by Lulu. Rebecca is shocked to learn that she is attracted to Nik.

Slaudia... Sonny tells Jason he can trust Claudia.

Jolu... Johnny wants Lulu to stay away from Ethan. Maxie and Johnny keep getting stuck with each other, and Lulu can't get away from Ethan.

Spinelli... Spinelli thinks he finally found a friend that won't break his heart. Maxie tells Spinelli she can't live without him.

JaSam... Jason and Sam come to a common ground about their past, present, and possibly their future. Jason and Sam are trapped in tight quarters with time running out. Rayner gets a warrant for the arrest of Jason, Sam, and Spinelli. Jason surprises Sam.

Liz... Patrick encourages Liz to be honest to Lucky about her feelings for Jason and Lucky. Liz tells Patrick to be patient with Robin. Liz wants to take things slow with Lucky.

Scrubs... We've all seen the rumors that Robin puts Emma in danger, what does she exactly do? Sounds like Robin is changing Emma's diaper when she turns her back and Emma almost falls of the table. Luckily Robin catches her in time.

CarJax... Carly asks Olivia to join her and Jax on a business trip.

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