Friday, February 27, 2009

Spoilers 2/27

**Today is such a beautiful day out its warm for February in New England. I'm so excited I'm going to see Britney Spears in like 18 days, and it's suppose to be like Cirque Du Soleil and I'm so excited eek =D Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming!

Slaudia... Sonny races to save his wife. Johnny tries to convince Claudia to distance herself from Sonny. Claudia has a surprise. Claudia slips up in front of Sonny. Kate finds another DVD to use as evidence. Carly becomes suspicious of Claudia.

Guza Quote on Slaudia "Claudia is begining to have real feelings for Sonny. He respresent the only security Claudia has ever felt. She hopes that Sonny will comes to care for her in a real way, but for now she's enjoying his company"

Rebecca... Nik tries to become closer to Rebecca. Rebecca sees Nik in a new light. Luke advices Rebecca to walk away from Nik.

Jolu... Lulu gets mad at Johnny over a misunderstanding about Maxie.

CarJax.. Carly wants to move forward with michael's treatment and asks Patrick to perform a procedure on him. Scrubs clash before surgery but Carson urge him to continue. Patrick tells Carson, Michael isn't a candidate for the experimental treatment and his condition is unchanged.

Scrubs... Rumor has it that Robin leaves Emma in the carrier at Kelly's and leaves to go to the hospital. Robin remembers that Emma is at Kelly's and races to get her. When she arrives she notices no one noticed so she keeps it to herself. Robin continues to make bad decisions.


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Amber said...

Sami you are so lucky!!! You get to go see Britney Spears in concert!!!! She's my favorite singer/person!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! Hope you have lots of fun!!!!!