Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spoilers 2/3

Sorry about yesterday, I was extremely sick

Alan? Alan will help Monica recover.

Scrubs... Rumors say Patrick will also become sick. Robin finally shares a moment with Emma.

Missing DVD... Kate loses the DVD, Claudia almost gets it but Olivia gets her hands on it first. Rumors say that Olivia will destroy the DVD thinking its best for Kate.

Sason... Sonny will help Jason.

Ethan... Rumors say that Nathan Pasons (Ethan) is playing Dante. The Australian accent is there because the actor is from Australia. Insider says "In the story, he's conning Luke and the use of the Australian accent, persona and actual name is a high school teacher he learned to mimic." The rumor goes on to say we won't know who he really is until the hospital re-opens for its 46 anniversary where he runs into his mother who believes hes at school in the West, and he believes his mother is back in Bensonhurst. The new opening is also rumors to debut for the 46 anniversary.

JoMax... Johnny and Maxie comort eachother.

Spinelli... Sam risks her life to save Spinelli.

Carson... Sonny and Carly tempt fate.

Trevor... Trevor learns AZ can walk and he is Kate's shooter. Also hearing a rumor that he may have one of the stolen spheres.

LuMatt... Lulu and Matt share a kiss.

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