Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MediaNet Lucky/Rebecca/Nik

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Saima said...

Nikolas has no right to tell Lucky to back off Rebecca! She's not Emily, and Nikolas doesn't even know Rebecca! Nor does Lucky owe him anything either!! I hope Lucky and Rebecca get together!! I love those 2!! Nikolas can take a hike! He's acting like an obsessed freak......kinda like what they do in indian movies where their loved one dies, and then there's a double and the person gets with the double as if it's the equivalent of being the same person they lost. it's an insult to our intelligence, i really hope they dont try to get nikolas and rebecca together cuz that would be way off, and if they make rebecca emily after all this time that would be way too predictable and stupid so i hope they dont pull the emily card either!