Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spoilers 3/10

*According to Daytimeconfidential.com Constance Towers confirmed her return to GH on her Official Website.

Ric and Jax are said to find out Claudia's role in Michael's shooting. Jax is said to be afraid to tell Carly knowing that it would push Carly right back into Sonny's world. Olivia is the one to give Jax the DVD. The plan is still to soras Michael but they are still casting Michael's part. Rumors yesterday speculated that if they can't find a new Michael, that Dylan Cash may possibly come back to reclaim his role. Scrubs begin to clasH when it comes to the best plan for Michael.

Scrubs...Rumors say that actors/actresses with real PPD are being cast for Robin's support group.Robin and Patrick get into a fight and Robin leaves town and gets a hotel room. Brad (Tony Daly appearing March 18th) asks Robin to go out on a date. Robin accepts the date and kisses him.
(Anyone watch Ghost Whisper last Friday, they had a ghost with PPD, Just Saying =D)

Spixie...Maxie declares her love for Spinelli when Spin decides he must leave the country. She then kisses him.

Nikolas, Nikolas... Nik becomes extremely jealous of Rebecca and Lucky's new found friendship. Nik asks his brother to end the friendship.

L&L2... This week we should see both Lucky and Liz agreeing to keep their relationship just as friends.

Actors Status'
  • Rumors say that Greg Vaughn has already been dropped to recurring.
  • Rumors say that Rebecca Herbst will be dropped to recurring.
  • Rumors say Ric Hearst will either be leaving or dropped to recurring.
  • Same old Same old about Megan Ward leaving.


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