Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spoilers 3/11

**Some say the returns of Helena, and Holly are the reasons behind the cuts.
Constance Towers is back April 13.

Rumor - Claudia puts a hit out on Ric, but it isn't successful. Ric finds an interesting DVD. Claudia tells Sonny he should leave Ric off the guest list, but big brother wants baby brother there. Ric's plan is to blackmail Claudia to move up the mob hierarchy. Claudia invites Johnny to the mob party. He declines but later goes to Sonny and tells him he'll go if Sonny divorces his sister. Well that's a negative. Sonny informs Claudia about John's deal and reassures her they won't be divorcing. At the mobular party Sonny offers Ric a low level position. Ric tells Claudia he knows her secret.

CarJax... Sonny shows up to find Carly in a wedding dress. Carly tells him her and Jax are going to the park to renew their vows. Carly and Jax have a wonderful time until Jax receives the DVD from Olivia. Jax realises that Jax is alive and Claudia put the hit out that killed Michael.

Helena... Helena begins spying on Nik and Alexis.

Rebecca... Rebecca receives mysterious calls. Lucky and Nik are at war, Liz tries to mend fences.

Ethan... Ethan receives mysterious calls. Does the Return of Holly have to do with Ethan? I'd says so!.

Michael... Kate, Olivia, and Jax all know the secret but aren't sure how to deal with it.

Scrubs...Robin receives treatment for PPD but her and Patrick are still at odds. Heavy Rumor! Robin's suicide attempt on April 3rd will be the catalyst for 3 "new" couples. March 24 Robin admits she has a problem.

Sason/Spinelli... Jason and Spin are at odds over the FBI. Jason becomes a snitch for the feds. Jason wears a wire to an important meeting. Sam puts her life on the line for Spin.

Did Rebecca Herbst already sign a deal? According to an 'insider' "Just learned an interesting tidbit. Rebecca Herbst has already signed a one year extension on her contract so rumors of her status seem to have been...well, I'll just say they've been greatly exaggerated."


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