Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spoilers 3/12

*Did you see Maurice Bernard on the View today? I'll post a video as soon as I find one =D

Spixie... Maxie still feels that Winifred needs to be taken care of. Spinelli and Maxie try to adjust being romantic. Sam risks everything for Spinelli. Spinelli's fate lies in Alexis' hands.

Nik...Nik keeps up his Rebecca obsession.

Rebecca... Rebecca knocks Ethan unconscious when she sees him stealing Edwards wallet.

Slaudia... Don't forget Sonny and Claudia are throwing a Mobular Welcome Back Party for Sonny. Ric begins to blackmail Claudia.

Helena... Helena is missing!

Jolu/Ethan... Lulu learns Ethan's secret and understands him more. Johnny and Lulu grow apart, he doesn't see what she's around Ethan. Johnny goes to Luke for advice on how to deal with Ethan and Lulu. Luke blows him off once Johnny bad mouths Ethan. Lulu tries to get Lucky to lay off Ethan. Johnny and Maxie try to deny their feelings.

Scrubs... Liz will be a close friend to Patrick, she will be his ear to talk to. Robin becomes more depressed. Matt continues to try to show his brother that Robin needs help even if he has to force it. Robin ends up at a bar in Rochester, she reinvents herself by giving herself a new name. She says she is single, with no kids. Brad a carpenter shows up and Robin begins talking and flirting with him. Robin is drinking but she won't be drunk. Brad asks her out on a date and she panics, because she is doing all of this so impulsively without thinking. Then she is faced with the reality of what she is doing and panics. Mac won't listen to what Patrick has to say.

Michael.. Rumor is that when Michael wakes up he isn't as revenge happy as he once was. It looks like the only issue Claudia would have to deal with is Carly. Sonny won't hurt her because their connecting and he'll probably forgive. Jason won't do anything because Sonny will ask him. So watch your back Claudia, Carly will come for you.

Carson... Carly and Sonny are prepared for the news, Jax feels left out.

Kate... What should I do, leave gracefully or open up the can of worms? Carly overhears Olivia and Kate discussing Dante.

Rumors Insider Quotes Couple Breakdowns:
  • "Helena comes to town and yes, you guessed it, Rebeccca is working for her. The red herring thrown in the mix will be Ethan there for a bit as it is unclear if it might be Ethan that is working with Helena, but we know how this one ends-- welcome back Emily. Tyler was relentless on this one. He believes that Nik with a brought back Emily is the only way to go and JFP and Guza (out of sheer laziness) agreed"
  • "This is probably the most contested of the changes being brought down this week. With Rick Hearst and Megan Ward gone by Spring, what is left is quad-- Carly, Jax, Sonny and Claudia. Except the focus is once again going to be on the big three-- Sonny, Jax and Carly. Claudia's part in Michael's shooting is revealed, but by the time it is, Michael will be already back on screen and sharing airtime with Claudia. It's not Sonny who wants revenge anymore, it's Carly. But is she mad about Michael and her part in the shoooting or is she mad that Sonny forgives Claudia when he never would or did Carly?"
  • "Jasam. The higher ups want Jasam--have no doubt about that. Originally, Jasam was going to move along much, much faster than it is now. When LL2 was taken off the table, Jasam slowed down. Sam's reaction to LL2 was slated to be a much bigger deal, as was Jason's reaction to LL2 being a family with the boys. Because neither of those two things happened, the Jasam reconnection had to be re-written. Add in time conflicts with Kelly's gig, and you get what you have onscreen now. With ratings tanking, the higher ups stepped in this week and all but put the pen in Guza's hand to start writing Jasam Round II-- the focus being on correcting past wrongs."
  • "Scrubs. Comments to the PPD storyline have caused an uproar. Frons is monitoring this storyline VERY closely but is not and has not mandated that the couple be "saved" at all costs. This is Guza's baby. He is telling the story as he sees fit for daytime TV. In a few short weeks Robin's PPD is addressed--not resolved completely--- and in the meantime Scrubs next big hurdle arrives-- clashing over Michael's care. Patrick is not going to take being proved wrong by Robin--and behind his back at that-- all that lightly."
  • "
    Jolu/Lulu/Ethan. Johnny and Lulu are not splitting--at least not officially--but the higher ups are pulling out the big guns for Lulu/Ethan. Yep, that means trotting out a Holly/Luke adventure where Lulu and Ethan find themselves smack in the middle of the chaos that ensues. But is it a Lulu/Ethan love story they are going for? Maybe not, especially if TG gets his way--and his illegitimate bastard son with Holly."
  • "Spixie. Dailies for Spinelli's adventure were dismal. While reception to Spinelli/Maxie has generally held steady, this round of Spinelli/Winnie/Maxie did not garner the hoped for attention. TPTB still want to tell a romantic Spixie story, but it will heavily focused on Maxie (and Maxie's screw ups) much more than on Spinelli's adventures from here on out. The new plan is to slowly remove Spinelli from Jason's orbit and have him interacting more with others outside the mob."


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