Monday, March 16, 2009

Spoilers 3/16

I guess I will do spoilers today. Not updates after 3pm est.

Scrubs... Rumors say she tells Patrick she doesn't love him or Emma. Patrick sends Liz to tell Robin he can't make their date. Liz comes back to Patrick saying she can't find Robin. Mac knows the details about Robin. Robin called him to tell him that she is ok. Robin becomes a new woman in this new town. Robin catches that attention of a caprenter named Brad. Brad wants the company of "Nancy" and Robin leaves because she is unsure how to handle the situation. Patrick goes to Jake's to lay off steam. Patrick and Coleman befriends Jeff Burton. Robin is on her way home than last second she turns around and takes Brad up on his request. Robin kisses Brad. Maxie and Patrick work on cracking a stubborn Mac, to get him to realize that Robin’s been plagued with PPD, and that this has nothing to do with being overwhelmed or Patrick putting too much expectation on her. Robin is upset when she witnesses Liz playing with Emma while Patrick is playing with Liz's boys. She's hurt and feels like she won't ever be a part of a happy family. Patrick hires Mercedes to be Emma's nanny. Hearing more and more info about Robin being forced into sex with Brad. Patrick sees something and gets the wrong idea. Liz will comfort Patrick.

Jolu... Lulu whines when Kate wants Johnny to take Maxie out.

Spixie... Maxie tells Spinelli he better come home, if he doesn't she'll sleep with Johnny. The threat makes Spinelli uneasy. Winifred steps in and begins to infiltrate the FBI's database and clean up Spin's dirty deeds. Jason doesn't like the idea, but doesn't stand in the way. Winifred manages to get into Raynors office and destroy all the Spinelli data but she needs Spinelli's help to get around the firewall. Spinelli must go to the office. Alexis witnesses Winifred and Spinelli in Raynor's office but instead of notifying Raynor she uses her womenly ways to stall him.
Alexis rages at Rayner for even suggesting he’s gonna distress Sam. Spin and Winifred gets busted. Sam goes to great lengths to emancipate him. Spinelli finds out that Maxie almost slept with Johnny. And it could be when Maxie threatens to sleep with Johnny if Spin doesn't stay.

Slaudia... Sonny and Claudia begin working on the Mob Summit. Claudia tells Sonny she wishes that Ric won't be there, but Sonny invites him anyway. Raynor pressures Jason to wearing a wire to the summit. Sonny makes Jason attend as his second in control. Raynor upsets Jason when he calls an APB on Spinelli. Claudia asks her husband if Johnny can attend but John wants nothing to do with it. Then Johnny decides to make a deal with Sonny. He'll go to the summit if Sonny throws Claudia out. No deal. Claudia tells Johnny she is in this for the long haul. Ric views a DVD and has evidence against Claudia. Ric doesn't waste any time telling Claudia he knows what she's done now heres what she'll have to do to keep Ric quiet. Sonny offers Ric an entry job. Ric warns Sonny about Claudia. Sonny tells Ric compared to his brother Claudia is amazing. Ric wants Claudia to watch Sonny and report back to him. The Mob Summit takes place and Sonny and Claudia are head of the table. Sonny tells Claudia why he's willing to stay married to her.

CarJax... Carly and Jax begin to make plans to renew their marriage in the park. CarJax do a trial run before the minister shows up. Sonny sees Carly wearing her wedding dress. Carly informs Sonny that her and Jax are renewing their vows. Carson engage in playful banter than they both wish the best for eachother. CarJax renews their vows and are taken in this new stronger love. Olivia than arrives pressuring Jax to watch a DVD that came in the mail which is from Jerry. Wow, Jerry send the DVD directly to Jax, that isn't playing the rules Mr. Craig. Jax is ready to watch it but Carly wants to push it aside and engage in some loving. Carly talks about the bullet that hit Michael and is happy that Jason killed the man responsible or she wouldn't allow herself to be happy. Carly goes upstairs to shower and Jax pops the DVD in. Jax now knows that Jerry is alive and Claudia is responsible. Some rumors say that Jax confides in Olivia.

From Tristan Rogers' twitter Blog:

"Robert's has no other elements in his family!!!!!"

  • Upon her arrival on screen: Kristina attempts to entice Jason, Max and Spinelli to gain her father's attention. She also ends up arrested in which Alexis has to bail her out of trouble using her resources.
  • Rick Hearst and Megan Ward will be let go.
  • Trevor is Johnny's Father s/l was dropped due to Budget restrictions
  • Robin is forced to have sex with Brad
  • Robin attempts Suicide April 3
  • It could be something else besides PPD.
  • Spinelli moves out of Jason's PH.
  • We could see the New Michael face soon but he's isn't coming out of his coma until the end of April.
  • Rebecca isn't happy when Nik tells Lucky to back off.


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